Catching Adachi-Hanabi Before Another Trip to Indonesia

Summer is time for fireworks!
And if you ever happened to see fireworks in Japan (called “hanabi”), I tell you that it’s THE BEST!
Hanabi season usually starts at July when summer vacation for students is ongoing, then continues in a row during August in which obon yasumi (considered as summer holiday for the companies) also takes places. Being sponsored by the government across the country, it’s often said like a moment to show the prestige of each organizer (aka city holder) and an attempt to put the proud of the residents’ hearts since their taxes also contribute to this exhibition 😀

Okay, so because of our plan to visit Indonesia (aka “mudik”) in August, we looked for the chance to see hanabi beforehand. We finally went to this No.2 Famous Tokyo Fireworks last Saturday (2017/07/22) and captured almost full-time show either in videos and pictures while persuading a 2-years-old toddler who was getting scared to all those explosion sounds :))

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“Wan-Wan” Image for Musa’s Breakfast

ワンワンはここですよ!^_^ My new morning routine after sahoor during this #Ramadan is preparing #musaromas’ #breakfast because the Fajr prayer time is too early (2.30-ish) so I mostly skip night sleep and pay it post-sunrise, then hubby will take turn to look after Musa before going to work 😅 #recipega #musasmealsdiary • • Seperti yang saya tulis di blog tentang balada seorang ibu, bikin makanan cakep beginian harus siap patah hati karena belum tentu dimakan semua itu isinya, mau sebagus apa pun penampilannya nggak ngaruh dah, yang ngaruh cuma selera anak pada detik-detik doi menghadapi piringnya 😆 Wakakak. • • #toddlerfood #2yearsold #cookingmama #ramadankareem #幼児食 #男子弁当 #弁当 #朝ごはん #いないいないばぁ #ワンワン #キャラ弁 Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

Tomato Fried Shrimp with Pineapple

Tomato Fried Shrimp (adopted from #ChineseCuisine). Ini yang di stories saya kemarin. Sekilas mirip kaya udang goreng tepung asam manis ya? Tapi saya pake resepnya orang bule gitu yang judulnya “Crispy Sweet Chili Shrimp” alias udang manis pedas crispy 😅 tapi berhubung masak buat si kecil juga, jadi saya modif resepnya @iheartpublix. #recipega Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

Kue Lumpur

Don’t know why this #indonesianfood called as “Kue Lumpur” (literally means “mud cake”), but believe me the taste isn’t disgusting at all 😛

Ketika fesbukan bikin bojo nagih kue macem-macem sejak jam 3 sore (#bukapuasa-nya baru jam 7!) dan ini pilihan untuk #haripertama #Ramadhan2017 :)) Bikinnya kilat cuma 30 menit! Pertama kali bikin #kuelumpur, tapi nekat modifikasi resep 😀 Baru tahu bahan dasarnya pakai kentang.

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Being A Mother Actually Be Like This

Today is my third Mother’s Day (based on US/Japan calendar, in Indonesia: December 22). Since my only kid currently was born in Michigan, I follow the US version. Hehe. I had my first Mother’s Day at the third day people began recognizing me as “Mom”. The medical staffs who helped me giving birth in the hospital used that term. It was so magical for me!!! I was always a girl who had no interest to kids beforehand, even, a kind of person who preferred to stay away from those noisy, annoying, silly little creatures… ignoring all their cuteness and innocence. If my little sister loves to offer herself as a caregiver for our nephews or nieces in the family gathering, not so with me. If some friends of mine, in my perspective, know very well how to soothe a crying baby, to cope with toddler’s tantrum, or to deal with stubborn teenager when we’re on duty in the kids corner (yeah! although I’m not a kids lover still I was involved in this division for several events.. huh), I had no idea how to do it. If most of my female relatives of the same age is able to guess how old a kid is, I just didn’t get the difference between 1-year kid and 2-years kid. Bahaha 😆

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