“Wan-Wan” Image for Musa’s Breakfast

ワンワンはここですよ!^_^ My new morning routine after sahoor during this #Ramadan is preparing #musaromas’ #breakfast because the Fajr prayer time is too early (2.30-ish) so I mostly skip night sleep and pay it post-sunrise, then hubby will take turn to look after Musa before going to work 😅 #recipega #musasmealsdiary • • Seperti yang saya tulis di blog tentang balada seorang ibu, bikin makanan cakep beginian harus siap patah hati karena belum tentu dimakan semua itu isinya, mau sebagus apa pun penampilannya nggak ngaruh dah, yang ngaruh cuma selera anak pada detik-detik doi menghadapi piringnya 😆 Wakakak. • • #toddlerfood #2yearsold #cookingmama #ramadankareem #幼児食 #男子弁当 #弁当 #朝ごはん #いないいないばぁ #ワンワン #キャラ弁 Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram


First Bento in Japan Life Part 2

You may know that we posted some updates before on this blog about our moving. Yeah, being back into Japan life brings much sensation for us, moreover now we are parents. There must be many new things to learn in Japan’s kids world, but the engineer life definitely will change as well since Aisar is no longer working for Japanese company. No overtime work is the goal 😛 Bento (lunch box) should not be necessary everyday too considering that his office is surrounded by a number of spots to grab the foods (restaurant, cafe, supermarket, minimarket, etc. – except cafetaria! yeah, no cafetaria in his office.. but, I realized later that it’s common in Tokyo.. people prefer to take few steps outside their working zone for lunch while refreshing the brains :D)

おはよう〜〜コンロまだできてないけど日本の炊飯器は先進だから、#scrambledeggs 料理もかんたんになった😂

#recipega’s First #bento for hubby to work in his new working place with store-bought #fishkatsu, #habanerohotsauce, and simple cooking of eggs using that-advanced-yet-too-expensive Japanese ricecooker we purchased yesterday (like 300% more pricey than our #ricecooker in Michigan). Nooooo 😭😭😭

Well, at least “ケーキ” (cake) mode seems useful to substitute stove while our stay at hotel. I made egg mushroom spaghetti for breakfast this morning in ricecooker too.

#lunchbox #bentotooffice #お弁当 #今日のお弁当 #炊飯器レシピ #ricecookercooking #japanlife

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