Thai Fried Rice

One fact about us: We love Thai Fried Rice (that comes with #fishsauce or #ナンプラー) more than our country origin “nasi goreng” 🇲🇨 🙈 I used long- grain #rice for this menu bs Japanese rice is too sticky and short. #recipega #thaifriedrice #タイ料理 Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

Homemade Doner Kebab

#firstattempt Lamb doner kebab with #homemade pita bread (4/6), tasted good esp. with hot chili sauce from Indonesia, but the meat texture couldn’t mimic the store-brought ones and the bread reminded me to Indian naan instead 😂😂😂. Tutorial for doner kebab from YouTube (I watched over some videos and picked “twist meats at the outer side of an empty can” method), the bread recipe followed @newyorktimes cooking. • • #recipega #kebab #kebap #donerkebab #turkishfood #homemadekebab #lambkebab #pitabread #cookingmama #ケバブ #ケバブサンド Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

Soy Sauce Sliced Beef and Potato

We run out of cooked rice for dinner when it was 8PM already. So, it’s time to #goveggies as carbs! This quick, easy, and healthy menu came from arbitrary recipe by #recipega aka my kitchen 😝. Ready within 30′. Steps >>> – Cut potatoes in wedges, microwave 800W for 4 minutes, drain, coat with oil+salt+pepper, toast for 15-20 minutes (or turn “healthy fry” mode on your oven if any) – While waiting for potatoes cooked, grill the frozen green beans on pan, pour a little sesame oil, salt+pepper as desired – After getting done with the green beans, move into the beef. Melt butter in low heat, fry onion, brown the beef, pour soy sauce and maple syrup. Cook until the liquid is gone. – Serve with roasted cashews and fresh basil 😋 Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

Gluten-free Oatmeal Pancake

#recipega Wow.. I’m surprised how the #riceflour, #tapiocastarch, #potatostarch, #oatmeal, and #flaxseed can blend yummily (is it a word? 😬) as the pancakes! My #firstattempt for #glutenfree #pancake, recipe from with some modification: – brown rice flour –>> i used white rice flour – buttermilk –>> i substituted with skim milk + lemon juice – white sugar –>> doubled – cranberries –>> omitted • • #breakfast #pancakerecipe #oatmealpancake #glutenfreepancake #cookingmama Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

Basic Stir-fry Veggies

#recipega Stir-fry #gardenveggies for two Indonesian gatherings a.k.a. “#pengajian” today (Mama and Papa going to different circle) with #scrambledeggs in the center covered by ‘flowered’ #tomato. I didn’t mix them together bcs some people prefer not to eat either egg or tomato (ex: my hubby hates tomato 🙄). I noticed there’s used to be lack of veggies served in the potlucks or parties we went 😅. • • #vegetables in: #onion, #celery, tomato (juice + seeds only), #shimeji, #carrot, #cabbage, #nappa, #kabocha, #sweetcorn, #greenpeas, #broccoli. • • #cookingmama #potluck #japanlife #muslimlife Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

At night after the gatherings took place, a host messaged me to ask how the stir-fry could be still fresh yet all veggies are tender. I told her that basically I used little water and relied on ‘steaming’ each vegetable in the covered pan a couple minutes. The timing for adding vegetables also mattered to make them cooked thoroughly. Start from the hard ones to the soft ones, ex: carrot -> pumpkin -> cabbage -> broccoli. Don’t put some more water otherwise your already-cooked-veggies will be withered. The result should be crunchy veggies with slight seasonings traced.