Walking One Mil for Little Picnic

Musa had his first picnic with his kindergarten friends and teachers today. This picnic was called engai (園外) which is literally out of garden (園 refers to ‘kindergarten’). It’s a simpler version of ensoku (遠足), another common term in Japanese kindergarten life, which means “excursion”, a more serious and farther trip that usually needs guardian to accompany the kid.

For this little picnic, the kids have been prepared since a week before by doing simulation. One day, they were brought to walk around the kindergarten. In another day, the teachers asked the parents to bring the kids lunch without box and necessary equipment such as waterproof mat, plastic bags, plus wipes. At that time, the rain was falling, so they moved simulation location from school yard to the classrooms, Musa and friends were practiced to:

  • unfold and fold the mat
  • open their bento (in onigiri wrap or sandwich wrap, whatever foods without box) and eat without table
  • cleaning their hands without water
  • put everything, including the water bottle, to be fit into their school rucksack (usually they put more stuffs in a tote bag)

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