Musa 8 months!

#ea5512 Wow..can’t believe only four months to go till #musaromas first birthday! Nothing more we could ask for when seeing him energized most of the time and moving everywhere (as if he has more “batteries” than us) but patience, patience, and patience.. Some people even said we’ll be getting more tired very soon following his steps (if he can walk). Frekuensi si emak ketiduran pas ngelonin sementara bayinya mainan sendiri gagal tidur makin bertambah T_T #8monthold #8bulan #8months #turned8today #babymilestones

Tambahan krn instagram ga bisa panjang2 caption-nya grin emoticon

‪#‎development‬ Since crawling at 6 months, he gradually found the way to
***stand up while holding furnitures, whoseever knees, or something-low-and-incapable as support with two hands***, then
***release one of his hands to take surrounding objects, including heavy and big ones, while standing up >> sometimes I don’t understand how he move it as well ***, then
***how to sit down smoothly from standing position >> this is important to avoid bumped yey!! (jadi nggak terlalu cemas lagi kalo dia mulai nggak seimbang)***, then
***change position while standing by holding another object (misal, beralih pegangan dari sofa ke meja)***, and finally
***take few steps while holding someting as support >> initial step to walk***
Recently, often times, he also forgets to hold on when standing >> maybe only 1-3 seconds :)) alias sering lupa daratan nggak pegangan pas berdiri

– His need for drinking during travelling is increasing that we give him formula milk sometimes and water between meals
– Finally..introduced to EGG (yolk) today! So far so good..
– Not meant to apply BLW too much, but in reality, he’s pretty good in eating everything by himself, so we give him foods to wean on his own everyday. His skill in controlling foods (biting, chewing, swallowing, handling gag, etc.) in the mouth is getting better and better.

– Laughing while sleeping :))
– Experiencing extreme change of sleeping time from USA to Indonesia which is 11 hours apart frown emoticon

– still easy going to everyone, even when meeting someone for the first time (wong jowo bilangnya “sumeh”)
– can’t understand separation yet (kalo ditinggal pergi emak babenya kagak nangis)
– suka gemes sama orang dengan cara mencakar dan teriak 😥
– hobi ngerebut gagdet dan makanan yang lagi dipegang orang dewasa 😅

Wish him be able to walk soon! 😀

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Story December 28, 2015 at 06:25AM

#ea5512 #endyeartrip2015 Selfie with Mama is always an occasion for me 😀 #musaromas lagi makan #yogurt made in Japan di #FoodLover #GrandofIndonesia sambil nungguin tante kece @priskasufhana dateng.. Dua hari ini berasa lagi manajerin artis cilik yang jadwal jumpa fansnya padet. Berangkat abis Subuh ke Bandung, sampai rumah pas Subuh berikutnya, berangkat lagi setelah Subuh buat apply perpanjangan visa.. Fiuuhhh mudah-mudahan kami sehat terus ya Allah.. Aamiin #mudik2015
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Story December 08, 2015 at 02:31PM

My first playing with oreo biscuit ever! Menu yang sangat jarang dari dapur #recipega. Haha.. This “chocolate coffee cheese cake bar” brings you go up to the heaven for every single bite.. ♥︎♥︎♥︎ Recipe is modified from original recipe in a book from 100 Yen store I bought in Japan years ago: #cheesecakecrust >> 15 oreo biscuit (take the cream out), 3/4 stick (75 g) of unsalted butter plus a little bit sugar #cheesecakefilling >> 2 packages of 8oz (226 g) cream cheese, 2 packages of 4.4oz (124 g) Hershey milk chocolates, 1 Tbs (10 g) coffee (instant is better), 160 ml heavy cream, 1/2 Tbs lemon juice, 2-3 Tbs white sugar #howtomakecheesecake >> [1] melt the butter and crush the oreo, then mix both with spatula, arrange in the brownies baking pan (around 7inches length / 20×20 cm squares), chill in the freezer [2] bring the heavy cream to a boil in low heat, turn off as it’s boiled, add the coffeee, mix well, transfer into big bowl [3] melt the chocolate, add to the [2] mixture gradually, then mix quickly [4] add cream cheese (bring it to the room temperature and beat using whisk beforehand), combine very well till you dont see ‘white’ lumps anymore [5] pour the filling mixture over the crust [6] chill in the freezer for minimum 2 hours #nowyouhaveDELICIOUSdessert Enjoy!! #chocolatecoffeecheesecake #chocolatecheesecake #coffeecheesecake #cheesebar #cheesecakebar #cheesecake #nobakecheesecakePosted by Ega Dioni Putri via Facebook

Musa Got His Passports

Hi #musaromas, your Mama had a passport when she was 21. Your Papa got it a year ahead. You, in your 5th month of life, have been a passport holder. Not only one, even two passports. We only hope when someday you have to choose one, you don’t forget that our blood is Indonesia, but we expect that in your generation, the governments’ rule allow you to keep both and take benefits upon its #dualcitizenship, either in #USA or Indonesia. #babypassport #USPassport #USCitizen #abaikanilernya (#ea5512 story 10/13/2015)
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