Jidokan Life: November Craft

It’s still mid November, but they decided that this month craft has been themed Christmas 😅 As Muslims, of course we don’t celebrate Christmas, whereas, which popular Westernish day is not celebrated by Japanese? Halloween, New Year, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. almost nothing. Hehe. 

The best team work ever: Mama and Musa 😘

Stickers: the most fun part!

This craft was very simple:

  • made from a large paper cup
  • covered with a sheet of green scrapbook paper
  • wrapped with green plastic
  • insert star decoration on top
  • add more decoration in the ‘tree’, this time we were allowed to use up to eight cute stickers

Today we also managed to take pics of Musa with his jidokan friends for the first time.



Musa, friends, and tree craft

Happy faces after making Xmas tree craft

And don’t forget to move your body after crafting..

Anpanman dance