All participants decided to be anonymous 🙂

Behind the scene: We made little survey on FB and threw four questions which included two first questions about participant’s relation with us and asked them what they think of us in both short and long answers.

What do you think about our family in one word / one sentence? — Tuliskan apa yang Anda pikir tentang keluarga kami dalam satu kata / kalimat (boleh pakai koma / kalimat majemuk :D)

Zoomed in… passage with mark 💛 are our responses

tampak harmonis walaupun sesekali ada debat kecil (eh iya nggak sih)

💛 Iya lah, pasti. Debat besar aja ada, apalagi debat kecil.. haha. Yang penting habis itu jangan lama-lama aja melting down-nya dan mungkin di luar rumah harus lebih direm yach

lovely family!

💛 Lovely comment!

smart & open

💛 Well, “smart” or “open” can mean very different things. Nobody is excellent in everything, right? We prefer to be lucky rather than smart. Aamiin . And for the openness, we hope it’s only applied for positive things.

Happy.. Rajin banget… Mandiri banget.. Kereennn pokonyah

💛 Alhamdulillah.. aamiin. We counted it as dua 😉

Happy family with the cute and smart little boy 🙂

💛 Allah blesses us ❤

An adventurous, tough and happy family

💛 This might be the best label we wanted the most! Thanks ❤

Write down what you want to shout out about our family based on your interaction with us and/or what you see all this time. If you know us personally, probably you also ever watched us interacted each other as family members and has personal insight towards it. Feel free to say anything!
Tuliskan yang ingin Anda ungkapkan tentang keluarga kami berdasarkan interaksi Anda dengan kami dan/atau berdasarkan apa yang Anda lihat selama ini. Jika Anda mengenal kami secara dekat / pernah berkumpul bersama keluarga kami / mendengar cerita domestik tentang keluarga kami, Anda mungkin pernah melihat bagaimana kami berinteraksi satu sama lain sebagai anggota keluarga dan Anda punya pandangan terhadap itu. Silakan kemukakan apa saja yang kiranya bisa bermanfaat buat perbaikan kami. Bebas ya!

Happy anniversary, enjoy parenthood, and can’t wait for the next meet up with not-so-baby-Musa :*

💛 TVM! (Thanks Very Much)

I love you all!

💛 We love you too!

Kalo urusan rumah tangga ga tau, kayanya asik2 aja hehehe

💛 Hehe.. semoga asik terus aja, deh!

Saran aja sih ya… Selalu tulis pengalaman2 kalian yg sekiranya bermanfaat untuk byk orang. Pengalaman serta Hal2 baik yg bisa kalian tularkan pada kami selalu kami tunggu liputannya. 🙂

💛 We always struggle to find the time for it. Hopefully more posts to come.

Love Ega’s family. She’s friendly, even I’ve never had a change to meet her personally in Japan. I’m so entertaining to see Musa’s activity.. Good luck and so much pretty memories for the 4th Wedding Anniversary!

💛 All praise be to Allah. Thanks!

The last time we met, you are just a single girl in apato (apartment). Practically, I never met you afterwards. So I just comment here as stalker of your fb posts. One word in my head: lovely. Yes I think you have a lovely life outthere. Keep sharing your experiences in cooking and parenting. It really inspires and pleases me. I never imagine if I were in your position now. Living abroad.. as a mom without nanny.. handling the housing task lonely.. oh you are strong mom and wife. Barakallahu fiikum. I hope Allah may bless all of you.

💛 Wa fiika baarakallah. Living abroad has taught us ABUNDANT new lessons indeed, but Indonesia is still our final destination.

4th Anniversary Testimonials