New Year Cleaning: My Pantry Labels

A few days ago I got reminder that we’re billed for another year subscription of this domain *sad*. What a shame to pay about 200 yen per month with lack of new posts here. Instead, I actually just forward updates from our SNS feeds :)) OK then, as my spirit to write is unusually high, I’ll follow up my latest post, best moments of 2020, with this new year themed one.

In Japan, there’s a habit for doing what it’s called as nenmatsu osouji (年末大掃除: end year cleaning) and it refers to A BIG CLEANING which includes:

  • decluttering (ex: dropping unused clothes in recycle bin, discarding old documents, sorting expired foods, changing worn-out furniture, handing over items to those in need, etc.)
  • house make over (ex: changing room layout, putting new decoration, painting or layering wall with new wallpaper, purchasing some new furniture, organizing stuffs, etc.)
  • and if you break down organizing stuffs into more detail works, you can get another list

I won’t make the list longer since you need to be concrete if you practice them and it needs at least one month to get done. I don’t have target last year, but I tried to discard as much as possible unused items and the mission is still going until now, in the mid of January. LOL. Nothing is late for improvement, no? 💛

One of my favorite part in organizing home is putting the labels for storage boxes and it’s been four years I didn’t replace the labels in my pantry. Many of them have been peeled off, so I think this is the time for renewal. I love making design with Photoshop since long time ago before Canva trending like nowadays. This one was also created using some basic technique of cropping, modifying, merging, and transforming of PSE that I purchased eight years ago. I made other labels for toys organization too if you’re interested. Check my next post, inshaaAllah.

Feel free to download these pantry labels, either named ones or blank ones. Enjoy! Thank you for downloading!

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Best 2020 Moments of EA5512

Welcome 2021! Hope we can be better persons in this year. Here I share our life in 2020 as posted on my IG

Alhamdulillah for making this family of four survived another year! Last year we greeted the new year separately because Mama and Noah were on the way returning to Japan after grieving my father who passed away on Dec 23, while Musa stayed at Japan with Papa after he had his surgeon at the same day to remove Meckel’s diverticulum. Can you imagine how’s my feeling? I lost my dad and had chance to lose my son as well if the surgeon failed. Anyway, it passed and let us #welcome2021

EA5512 Family in December 2020
Our portrait in December 2020, credits to @sukrobercerita

Why “survived”?

Well, we all know that everybody was struggling in 2020. We shared universal problem to adjust life into new normal and tried to avoid as much as possible invisible creatures of God named coronavirus. This confirmed that we’re actually helpless without His power. Guess how could we stayed alive now if it is not because of Him? Guess how could we still have healthy mental after many unexpected things (postponed trips, cancelled events, limited movement, decreased income, me-time lack due to #stayathome kids, etc.) happened? That’s why, All Praise to Allah. May Allah help us to get out of this pandemic. Aamiin.

– Mama Ega –

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Disaster Training in Musa’s School

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What should we do if the disaster like earthquake happened when our kid is still in the school? How do we pick-up them? In #musaromas’ #kindergarten, #disastertraining is a routine every beginning of the semester (term). Japan may have a lot of disaster threads based on its topography, but it is also the one of most prepared nation in the world in case of saving people lives. I delivered the video in English, so hopefully we can reach more audience to spread this awareness. For Indonesian viewers, please refer to the subtitle (belum kelar tapi.. hiks). 。。。 Kelar juga ngedit video ini.. hampir tiga minggu digarap nyicil dikit-dikit dan sempat terhenti. Kesempatan waktu lowong buat ngedit video makin lama makin langka aja dengan kombinasi bocah 5.5 yos dan 21 mos, padahal itu refreshing-nya mamax :xD Kali ini giliran #vlog di bawah kategori #JapanLife yang sebenernya kalo mau di-upload semua banyak diwarnai dengan kegiatanku sebagai #mamayouchien (mamanya anak youchien aka #tkdijepang). Ada video wawancara ttg suka duka hidup di mari sama GOCA itu, tapi ambyar banget nihongo-nya. Malu, atuh 😄 Oke deh, langsung aja cusss ke channel mama (link in bio) buat kepo-in video lengkapnya dan jangan lupa tinggalin comment n like, ya. Kritik dan saran yg membangun sangat dinantikan👍 #引き渡し #引き渡し訓練 #防災訓練 #地震 #disasterpreparedness #latihanbencana #kehidupandijepang

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First Trip to Safari Park in Japan

We finally made to go to safari park in Japan! After our first experience (for me, with my EA5512 family) to safari zoo in Ohio, US, three years ago, we actually looked forward for the chance to visit safari in Japan too when since moving to Tokyo, but the desire just soared again recently. On July, Aisar once planned a trip to Hakone with a neighbor family, and one of attraction / destination I suggested to visit is Fuji Safari Park. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the trip due to the raise of confirmed corona case.

Two months later, I tried to offer the trip again to Aisar and he said “YES”. Yey!!! There we were.. watch full documentation in the vlog below. It’s English subbed, so everyone can enjoy it!

And the following is my post about the video on Instagram:


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New video up on my channel, mixed in 3 languages with EN subtitle! Warning: cuteness overload ♥️ Liputan perjalanan minggu lalu ke taman safari di dekat gunung Fuji: Fuji Safari Park. Ini pertama kalinya mama beneran ngedit video bertema “family trip” (perjalanan bersama keluarga #ea5512) sejak resmi nge- #vlog. Banyak yang cute di video ini, baik nak-kanak duo gemes Romas brothers maupun wan-hewan di #safaripark. Buat yang liburan musim panasnya udah abis, jangan khawatir! Destinasi ini cocok untuk musim apa pun kok.. dan bisa ditempuh dengan kereta/bus buat yang nggak bisa pakai mobil. Mama masukkan infonya juga di akhir video. Ke #fujisafaripark rugi kalo nggak sekalian mampir tempat lain. Awalnya kami berencana metik buah (lagi) di sekitar sana (Shizuoka), tapi setelah nelponin beberapa kebun sekitar jam 2 siang, ternyata sudah pada tutup hari itu (biasanya karena stok buah yg bisa dipetik udah habis.. datengnya hari Minggu sih, dapet pun yg sisa-sisa kadang), jadi kami cari alternatif lain, dan akhirnya ke Gotemba FO. Lumayan, dapat Yupi asli Indonesia dan sepatu baru buat suami. Wkwk.. nah, kebetulan kalo naik bus jg harus dr Gotemba eki. So, bisa jadi alternatif kalo sehari mau main ke dua tempat kaya kami. Yang di Indonesia, sabar ya sampai bisa main ke sini 😅 #jalanjalanjepang #safarizoo #liburankejepang #triptojapan #summervacation2020 #safariparkjapan #富士サファリパーク #富士サファリ #youtubevlogger #borntotravel #vlogmamaega #ea5512trip #wisatakejepang #vloggerjepang

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Celebrated Eid al-Adha with Takbiran