See Narita Outside The Airport

What attractions can make you come to Narita city other than the needs for its airport? Not many. Even the nearest shopping center (Aeon Mall – if you need to buy more specific product rather than gift shops inside the airport) is still a few kilometres away from the airport. Narita was just a spacious farming area in the northern Chiba which then transformed into “city” after Japan’s main airport is built there. However, although there is a few attractions in the area, according to my little research, some places are very interesting for us such as:

and out of Narita City yet still within vicinity

By the way, what’s all this talk about Narita? Is it a recommended place to go? Hehe.. yeah, we never aimed to explore out of the airport too until one day in the last month, Aisar had to spend one night in a hotel at Narita city because he had morning flight to Germany for another business trip. It would be rushed to arrived at the airport if he took train in the Day-D. Of course, I and Musa got along him with pleasure 😀

Once Aisar flied, mom and son adventure begun! Unfortunately, we could only make to Aero Museum and Narita Shinsoji temple, plus bonus walking down the historical Omotesando shopping street. You can watch a glimpse of both places in my photos and videos below.
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Free Kids-Fun Indoor Tokyo: Fire Museum

A member in Tokyo Playdates group I follow on FB shared that his kids had fun at “Fire Museum” in the post I commented when I really needed idea to take Musa out with zero yen. In the next day after I read his comment, I repeated my trip to Shinjuku, exactly with the same route like our visit to Shinjuku Gyoen, except I had to go two more stations farther.

Generally, Musa enjoys outdoor places more than indoor destinations, moreover museum, but recently he used to be afraid to the darkness and big displays of museum. LOL. With this Yotsuya Fire Museum he was so. We entered from the basement, which has real-size of fire trucks from now and old ages, and the most scary thing for him, which actually super cute: toy fire-truck with a character robot that can respond you if you step in the designated point by moving its head.

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Jidokan Life: November Craft

It’s still mid November, but they decided that this month craft has been themed Christmas 😅 As Muslims, of course we don’t celebrate Christmas, whereas, which popular Westernish day is not celebrated by Japanese? Halloween, New Year, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. almost nothing. Hehe. 

The best team work ever: Mama and Musa 😘

Stickers: the most fun part!

This craft was very simple:

  • made from a large paper cup
  • covered with a sheet of green scrapbook paper
  • wrapped with green plastic
  • insert star decoration on top
  • add more decoration in the ‘tree’, this time we were allowed to use up to eight cute stickers

Today we also managed to take pics of Musa with his jidokan friends for the first time.



Musa, friends, and tree craft

Happy faces after making Xmas tree craft

And don’t forget to move your body after crafting..

Anpanman dance

An Awesome Two Years Old

The moment Musa turned one year old was the beginning I got amazed and more amazed with a magical transformation from a just-baby into a real-human-being. Call it new parent syndrome or so, but it’s been one and a half year since then even I tear in joy more often when finding his new skill. Thus, here I’m trying to recall some memories of our blessed life with Musa the last year that I won’t forget when he’s growing up and hitting the next trillion milestones.

He grows so fast!

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Trip to Aichi – Day 2

We had unforgettable experience in the Day 1 from Toyota city. This second day we met our Japanese friends, who were fellow Michiganders, at Kariya city, and visited an Indonesian food company at Nishio city, Sariraya. Both cities are located in the southern Aichi.


Menginap di AirBnB itu enaknya bisa masak atau ngangetin makanan, minimal buat sarapan lah.. lumayan banget menghemat waktu. Dibandingkan harus ganti baju untuk keluar beli makanan dulu atau sarapan di ruang makan (kalo hotelnya nyediain), mending usaha dikit buat ngusir rasa males-masak-karena-liburan demi sepiring nasi dan telur dadar 😜. Nasi pun kalo di Jepang ada yang instan jadi tinggal dipanasin aja.. tapi pagi ini kami kebetulan masih punya sisa dari makan malam di restoran halal Kashmir kemarin. Makanan Pakistan nggak pernah gagal memuaskan selera kami deh pokoknya, walaupun rada aneh dan baru pertama kali ini lihat nasi biryani pakai beras Jepang 😂. Segitu susahnya kah dapetin beras basmati di sana? 🙄

Pakistani naan bread and mutton curry from Kashmir restaurant, Nagoya. We could finish only half of it and ate the leftovers for breakfast in the next day.

Pakistani chicken biryani, tandoori, seekh kabab, etc. from Kashmir too

Musa yang biasanya suka kambing tumben lebih tertarik ke naan (doi tetep gigih nyebutnya “pizza”) dan tandoori kali ini. Sarapan doi adalah dua itu tadi plus yogurt dan jeruk. BTW, saya sering ditanya tentang hal ini oleh teman-teman yang bawa anak kecilnya pergi dan biasanya saya bilang makanan doi sama aja kaya papa mamanya, cuma saya tambahin lemak dari yogurt, keju, atau kacang-kacangan atau yang dia suka semacam buah-buahan.

TV di penginapan alhamdulillah akhirnya bisa nyala juga channel digitalnya setelah diutak-atik Aisar, jadi Musa bisa tetap nonton program-program anak NHK pagi hari dan senam kecil dari situ 😆 Continue reading