My First Playing with Ladyfingers

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イチゴがたっぷりCharlotte Cake!One of my dreamt cake came true 😍 And this is another “never ate yet made it on my own food” 😬 I was always curious to what’s inside a beautiful round cake with lady fingers arrangement outer. It turned out I then also made #mousse for the first time! I didn’t have interested to try mousse before this since little I knew it uses raw eggs, though many resources say it’s safe for eating raw egg even kids. The strawberry mousse in this cake used no egg at all, instead it needed gelatin from strawberry syrup, which is also new thing for me (in the previous cake I told you that was my debut using this magical substance). Unfortunately the mousse wasn’t smooth as I thought to add more strawberry syrup after it got thickened 😅 . . 👩🏻‍🍳 Step by step to arrange this cake and detail of ingredients are available soon in my blog (by tomorrow). Subscribe for getting updated to our new posts 😊 . . Pas bikin kue ini yang kepikir adalah “ini kue cocok buat yang males bikin sponge cake” karena emang kalo mau diisi mousse aja bakal selesai juga tanpa perlu baking sama sekali. #recipega kebetulan gagal bikin strawberry cake (terlalu padat sepertinya karena resep cake andalan nggak cocok dipakai dengan strawberry puree 😫) yang aslinya buat base, jadi ganti rencana pakai mousse dan reused sisa kue coklat dari cake sebelumnya aja 😜. Cuma si cecoklatan malah bikin penampakannya agak berantakan pas diiris, nyampur sama yang pink-pink. Namun, bagi khalayak pengajian di mana kue ini launched mah penampilan nomor sekian. Yang penting rasanya cucok. Wkwk.

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Inspiration came from many resources, but mainly I adopted the recipe and followed the instruction from Natasha’s Kitchen. The main differences were I changed raspberry into strawberry and I didn’t make the sponge cake.

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Creamy Chocolate Glazed Cake



Chocolate cream:

Chocolate glaze:

All measurement here is based on what I used for the cake in frames




🎂 Cake (3 layer, round pan 18cm)

3 large eggs (cold OK)

120 g brown sugar (gula putih OK)

90 g all purpose flour (tepung terigu)

30 g cocoa powder

30 g butter —> melted

🥛 Chocolate cream

200 ml heavy cream

100 g chocolate bar —> grated

🍯 Glaze

50 ml sweetened condensed milk

90 g semisweet chocolate chips

70 g brown sugar

55 ml water

5 g gelatin powder

13 g unsweetened cocoa powder

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Sweet Potato Mont Blanc

Sweet Potato Mont Blanc (さつまいもモンブラン) by Recipega

Sweet Potato Mont Blanc

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“Sweet Potato Mont Blanc” with white chocolate #almondcream as the base (9/12). Satu lagi hasil olahan si telo kemarin, #firstattempt bikin kue #montblanc (#モンブラン) yang ngetop di Jepang, terutama saat musim gugur. Oh, we’re really overdose of sweet potato yesterday 😂🍠 And I wish I had a mont blanc piping tip! It’s very hard to make the swirls with one-hole tip.
👩🏻‍🍳 Almond cream recipe by #recipega (see below)
👨‍🍳 Mont blanc paste recipe by @cookingwithdog (see below)

#マザー牧場 の #さつまいも狩り から 3番目の料理は完了した。

#さつまいも #さつまケーキ #さつまいもモンブラン#さつまいも料理 #ハラール#sweetpotato #sweetpotatocake#sweetpotatomontblanc #japaneserecipe#autumnrecipes #cookingmama

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Pink and Blue Ombre Cake for Joint Birthday