[Cooking with Recipega] Tia’s First Cake

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“Can you teach me to make pizza like yours? what ingredients do we need?” ask @tiauutami about a week ago, then when I mentioned we needed ‘cream cheese’ as one of the list, she said she’s had it from looong time ago for cheesecake, but not managed to cook it yet, so I offered her to learn #bakedcheesecake too. The result was amazing. Tia — who never baked bread or cake, has no bread flour, yeast, measurement spoons, or rolling pin, and didn’t know which one which corn starch, whipped cream, or the modes of her own oven — could finish her first Japanese #cheesecake and #pizza while juggling the ‘cooking class’ with lunch preparation and caring a baby in 6 hours. 👏 … Siapa mau lagi belajar masak bareng? surprisingly 92% (50 responden) mengaku lebih pilih diajarin baking lho daripada beli kue diskonan. Tenane, mbul? Wkwk. … Dibandingkan pengalaman #cookingwithrecipega sebelumnya, kali ini lebih bisa fokus krn man-to-man. Meskipun gitu, masalah klasik tetap terjadi: tiap oven berbeda panasnya, yg kalo ga kenal bisa bikin hasil ga sempurna. Bisa dilihat di video bahwa ciskek pertama (yg dibuat peserta.. halah) atasnya sebetulnya retak krn belum kenalan sama ovennya yg super hottt (menyusul kemudian bagian atas ciskek berikutnya dan ketiga pizza tepinya gosyong di bagian tengah 😂). Rasanya sih best. Konon lebih enak drpd cheesecake-nya Cozy Corner dan pizza-nya Pizza Hut! Prett 🤣 Waktu @kikaramel ngajarin vegan choco cupcake di rumah jg luber adonannya krn suhu kepanasan 😅. So, yg punya oven sering2 pedekate ya biar akrab! … Resep pizza dan cara bentuknya udah pernah di-share ya! Kalo #ciskek sebenernya saya ganti2 resep dan yg ini baru sekali bikin tapi takaran bahannya pas, rasa nge-cheese banget ga bau telor! … #JAPANESECHEESECAKE #soufflecheesecake 200g cream cheese 2 Tbs milk 40g sugar —> + 35g for egg whites meringue #メレンゲ 2 eggs —> separate yolk + white 25g corn starch 1 Tbs lemon See the videos for the steps, yes! . . . #resepcake #resepcheesecake #mamablogger #emakblogger #sharingresep #doyanbaking #cheesecakejepang #ソフレチーズケーキ #クッキングクラス #米粉ピザ #ふわふわケーキ #もちもちピザ #recipega_pizza

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Bigbro’s Birthday Cake: Chocolate Feats Berries

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May 8cellent be with you! #musaromas turned 4 and entered the last year of his golden age. Oh, what to do what to do.. Mama got panic seeing how challenging to raise this guy to be nice boy 😱 but of course there’s no exception to create #recipega nice cake as my beloved customer wanted. I planned to make macha cake, but he said chocolate and chocolate.. ok well. My first time using big round tip for cream.. so, pardon for the mess 🤪. … Mama akui umur 3 ke 4 ini paling grr grr. Ya Allah, begitu rasanya ya kalo anak ngelawan orang tua. Bilang “ah” aja nggak boleh, gimana kalo “no” dengan o panjang banget sambil teriak, terus dilanjutin “I want (somethiiiiiiiing)” pake tereak juga, lalu gegoselan di tanah, dan pasang aksi mutung sekian lama. Ampuni dosa hamba ke ortuku, Tuhan 😢 . . . . . #bdaycake #healthycake #japanesestylecake #strawberrycake #chocolatecakes #4歳になりました #誕生日会 #誕生日ケーキ #いちごケーキ #チョコケーキ #チョコクリーム #手作りケーキ🎂 #ultah4tahun #doyanbaking

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Okay, here is my post for the birthday cake, so be focus don’t ask me about his development.. LOL :))

It was a simple cake by request as the last year. This time, he wanted “chocolate cream”. Fine.. from the beginning I didn’t think it would turn into good looking cake because brown and red just DON’T MATCHED, see? but I still made it anyway. Hahaha..

Tahun lalu Musa minta cake pake blueberries, eh… tahun ini juga. Yah, kalo blueberries emang selalu ada nggak pandang musim wong belinya juga yang versi frozen. Wakakak, sedangkan strawberries adalah keinginan mamanya dan anaknya suka juga sih. Pengennya sih mama bikin yang putih aja standar etalase toko kue di Jepang, tapi anaknya minta pakai krim coklat, lah kan kagak nyambung yak kalo rotinya kuning, jadinya dibuat coklat sekalian deh sama kaya pas ultahnya mama, tapi yang ini lebih fuwa-fuwa (empuk) karena pake metode warmed eggs.

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Macha Roll Cake

Musa requested me to make cake with strawberries as we got home from supermarket with a pack of red-perfectly-conical ichigo (Japanese: strawberry). I wanted it as well! In the chilly days like now in Japan, when the tummy is hungry more often than usual and all berries are in the season, combination of sour berries, sweet whipped cream, and light soft cake is the best dessert you could have! And here, wherever you go with the patisserie existed, most likely they will display that white-smooth-foamy strawberry cake. I previously thought to mimic it, but then changed the plan bcs I’d like to use my macha powder. So, here was the result..


Macha roll cake with strawberries = great composition

I uploaded it on my IG too and shared the story about macha (green tea powder for cooking), which I mistakenly compared to ryokucha (green tea leaves for drinking). LOL. Continue reading

Sharp Edge Berries Cake

Sharp edge cake has always been one of my baking goals, so here it’s checked off at my son’s third birthday. Simple, elegant, and super fruity with the blueberry mousse all over the cake, strawberry mousse inside the cake, plus both fresh berries in and out. This time I modified roll cake recipe from ABC Cooking Studio. For you who haven’t known yet, they have recipe pages for free in Japanese! So, even though you’re not joining their cake course, you can still learn from the expert rather than relying on Cookpad 😛 Another recommended website by Japanese cooking experts told by my friend is Minna no Kyo no Ryori. I love to see the recipes written by Japaneses because they likely use simpler and healthier ingredients than Americans’.

However, the language border becomes your problem, you probably has to take a look at some Japanese bloggers who write their recipes in English such as (my fave one) Just One Cookbook

OK fellas, don’t worry for this cake I’ve included the translation of the recipe below. Of course some parts were removed because I made the round cake with mousse filling instead of roll cake. To get the ‘sharp edge’, I was also helped in correcting my already-spreaded-cream after watching video by Nehas Bakery.

Go to recipe now.

Sharp Edge Strawberry Cake

Strawberries and blueberries on the cake

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My First Playing with Ladyfingers

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イチゴがたっぷりCharlotte Cake!One of my dreamt cake came true 😍 And this is another “never ate yet made it on my own food” 😬 I was always curious to what’s inside a beautiful round cake with lady fingers arrangement outer. It turned out I then also made #mousse for the first time! I didn’t have interested to try mousse before this since little I knew it uses raw eggs, though many resources say it’s safe for eating raw egg even kids. The strawberry mousse in this cake used no egg at all, instead it needed gelatin from strawberry syrup, which is also new thing for me (in the previous cake I told you that was my debut using this magical substance). Unfortunately the mousse wasn’t smooth as I thought to add more strawberry syrup after it got thickened 😅 . . 👩🏻‍🍳 Step by step to arrange this cake and detail of ingredients are available soon in my blog (by tomorrow). Subscribe ea5512.web.id for getting updated to our new posts 😊 . . Pas bikin kue ini yang kepikir adalah “ini kue cocok buat yang males bikin sponge cake” karena emang kalo mau diisi mousse aja bakal selesai juga tanpa perlu baking sama sekali. #recipega kebetulan gagal bikin strawberry cake (terlalu padat sepertinya karena resep cake andalan nggak cocok dipakai dengan strawberry puree 😫) yang aslinya buat base, jadi ganti rencana pakai mousse dan reused sisa kue coklat dari cake sebelumnya aja 😜. Cuma si cecoklatan malah bikin penampakannya agak berantakan pas diiris, nyampur sama yang pink-pink. Namun, bagi khalayak pengajian di mana kue ini launched mah penampilan nomor sekian. Yang penting rasanya cucok. Wkwk.

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Inspiration came from many resources, but mainly I adopted the recipe and followed the instruction from Natasha’s Kitchen. The main differences were I changed raspberry into strawberry and I didn’t make the sponge cake.

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