Started a New Living

Big smile after 2 months of struggle to find a decent place for Musa and his little bro. Wish us luck with the moving and start of a new living!

house kessai Japan

House kessai (決裁) on Oct 29. 2018

My reviews about the process of buying house in Japan:

(1) Is it worth buying a house in Tokyo, Japan and how does it compare with paying a rent?

(2) How much does it cost to buy a house in Tokyo, Japan? How could foreigners afford it?

(3) How can foreigners secure a housing loan or mortgage in Japan?

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An Awesome Two Years Old

The moment Musa turned one year old was the beginning I got amazed and more amazed with a magical transformation from a just-baby into a real-human-being. Call it new parent syndrome or so, but it’s been one and a half year since then even I tear in joy more often when finding his new skill. Thus, here I’m trying to recall some memories of our blessed life with Musa the last year that I won’t forget when he’s growing up and hitting the next trillion milestones.

He grows so fast!

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Hallo, German!

Checked in another leading country in the world, my first European experience ever, and quickly firmed up that Japan is still no. 1 we can expect for convenience.. and might be also for all perfection in life only if they’re religious and not workaholic 😄😄😄. Alhamdulillah..
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Good Bye, Farmington!

Goodbye, Farmington! Thanks for being a wonderful living place ❤️

One day left tomorrow before flying and we’ll spend it in Musa’s hometown. Sorry for those whom we can’t make to meet yet. You know, moving house with active toddler (who destroyed everything you arranged) and workaholic man (who wanted to work in office up to the last day) is not easy deal. Hahaha.

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Our Car Sold!

Please be nice to your new master. Sayonara!

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#ea5512 Otsukaresama! Saying goodbye to car yesterday (9/24). Bought second on craiglist and sold it out at the same site with a lil bit higher price. LOL. We’ll definitely miss the family-moments in our rides.

Sisi positif dari melewati ribuan mil perjalanan dengan mobil yang luasnya terbatas itu diantaranya adalah merekatkan keluarga. Yang biasanya sibuk sendiri-sendiri di rumah, di mobil jadi saling ngobrol, ninggalin main gadget sementara (baca: terutama pak sopirnya.. haha), dan konsentrasi nggak terganggu dengan aktivitas orang lainnya seperti kalo naik transportasi umum. Meski cuma short trip buat belanja, misalnya, bisa jadi momen bersama yang ditunggu-tunggu.

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