Kamisama Kara no Purezento

“Kamisama-kara no purezento” (gift from God) on our 4th anniversary (5/5/2016), fitting outfit for his 1st-year photo shoot.
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The term is inspired by one of my favorite Japanese songs which was played as the back sound in “Hajimete no Otsukai” TV program. I couldn’t find lot of information about this song by the way. but at least there’s somebody uploaded this picture video (he?) on Youtube. Even without knowing the meaning of words in the lyrics, the music can still melt your heart, no?

How 1 Year Old Meal Time Looks Like

Musa’s mealtime look 1 year ++

Keukeuh pake sendok / garpu, mau balik piring, ngunyah kebanyakan (“molo-molo” orang Jawa bilang), buang-buang makanan adalah sebagian potret kekinian Musa saat makan.

It’s almost a month since my last photo for this album. If you see Musa’s meals pics before, you may think he’s an easy baby in eating. Now, Musa has been a toddler, entering period when he’s naturally to be a picky eater. Table foods with salt and sugar (yey, finally!) can’t make he eats more than his baby foods. He still prefers to eat plain fruits or veggies instead of yummy-crunchy-fascinating fried chicken a la KFC.

We have more challenges for sure, but we don’t want to bring down his self-regulate sense that has been built so far. We simply give up the foods to give to him when he doesn’t want to eat.

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When the Library Made Us Upset..


My heart was breaking and I felt so sorry to Musa this morning. There was an interesting event in the library we’re used to go that’s only available this summer: Play and Learn for Age 1-3 with experts invited. Musa had found his toy and played with other kids for few minutes before we were told about signing up and not allowed to join them at all because we missed to register T_T. The coordinator said the program has been full for all weeks with no clue how many kids they want to keep and why we can’t ask to be waiting list. There was a participant leaving earlier yet we were not offered to go in -_-.

I was so upset. We are loyal participant of library’s story time every week and I looked forward to join this program since a month ago. Recent weeks I was so busy with trips plus events and didn’t pay attention to event details. However, I always kept in mind that I would have event on June, 3. See my second photo! That is the ONLY publication I know about this event. I put it on my working table and saw it every day, but the information “registration is required” was failed to catch my focus. It’s too little between long text, huh? Some other mommies looked misguide too.

Lesson learned:
– Read information carefully
– Don’t be a procastinator. If you have read an instruction, there’s usually a time limit to follow it, so just do immediately
– I wish I could design better advertisement than this so people don’t miss the important thing to do. Hahahaha


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Happy First Birthday, Musa!

#ea5512 One year ago today, without a hard and prolonged labor, you came to the world in the most beautiful way I could never ask more. If you only knew, Musa.. that I was very scary to die after delivering you, that I worried about losing chance to be a MOM of you, that I sometimes thought you would be my only child.. every time I felt, “oh, pregnant is really tough!”, and wanted to give up. However, your coming made all of my fears faded away and putting you first in my everyday life now is one thing I’ll never regret (and won’t take it for granted)!!! I have to say, “Thank you, Allah, for trusting me in taking care of him”, and yes, in the hands of lady who was disinterested in young kids, you are ‘unfortunately’ be entrusted 😀

If you deserve a better mom, please let me be that one. We have learned too many things together from zero through this first year. Why should we stop? It’s wonderful life ahead, dear baby, and your opportunities to create benefits for universe are unli mited. May you become a son who loves being closer and faithful to Allah whatever happens and we are united as family for ever up to jannah (heaven). Aamiin.

Happy first birthday, Musa! Happy mother’s day to me!

\P. S.: baby development, up and down of first year parenting, and what to expect will be written in different post.

Musa is Turning 11 Months

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Today, our little warrior (武者・Musha) is turning 11 months. One simple sentence to describe the last month: Enjoy a baby who can’t refrain his tiny fingers into everything and accept that your home can’t be as tidy as before (ok, two sentences.. -_-). The end. LOL

His brain seems to developing rapidly recently as we continue to get surprises every day when finding him got the new skills either from those we never taught before or those he gained after countless repetition of learning from us. Above all these milestones:
– clapping hands, plus striking two objects to make sounds
– waving hand to say bye-bye
– playing balls (throw, try to catch, give, transfer from one hand to another.. not kick yet :P)
– returning handshake, kiss, instruction, and warning
– flipping through the pages of a book
– pulling out drawers and dressers
– saying Mama-Papa deliberately (and maem-baba-des randomly)
– responding to talking and story read, mimicing voices
– standing from squat position
WALKING is the major achievement between his 10th and 11th month and now improved into ability to turn around and carry objects during the walks. Experts say walking marks transformation from baby as external fetus to toddler as a real human. It’s altering life ‘coz both baby’s body and mind become free! Continue reading