[Cooking with Recipega] Tia’s First Cake

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“Can you teach me to make pizza like yours? what ingredients do we need?” ask @tiauutami about a week ago, then when I mentioned we needed ‘cream cheese’ as one of the list, she said she’s had it from looong time ago for cheesecake, but not managed to cook it yet, so I offered her to learn #bakedcheesecake too. The result was amazing. Tia — who never baked bread or cake, has no bread flour, yeast, measurement spoons, or rolling pin, and didn’t know which one which corn starch, whipped cream, or the modes of her own oven — could finish her first Japanese #cheesecake and #pizza while juggling the ‘cooking class’ with lunch preparation and caring a baby in 6 hours. 👏 … Siapa mau lagi belajar masak bareng? surprisingly 92% (50 responden) mengaku lebih pilih diajarin baking lho daripada beli kue diskonan. Tenane, mbul? Wkwk. … Dibandingkan pengalaman #cookingwithrecipega sebelumnya, kali ini lebih bisa fokus krn man-to-man. Meskipun gitu, masalah klasik tetap terjadi: tiap oven berbeda panasnya, yg kalo ga kenal bisa bikin hasil ga sempurna. Bisa dilihat di video bahwa ciskek pertama (yg dibuat peserta.. halah) atasnya sebetulnya retak krn belum kenalan sama ovennya yg super hottt (menyusul kemudian bagian atas ciskek berikutnya dan ketiga pizza tepinya gosyong di bagian tengah 😂). Rasanya sih best. Konon lebih enak drpd cheesecake-nya Cozy Corner dan pizza-nya Pizza Hut! Prett 🤣 Waktu @kikaramel ngajarin vegan choco cupcake di rumah jg luber adonannya krn suhu kepanasan 😅. So, yg punya oven sering2 pedekate ya biar akrab! … Resep pizza dan cara bentuknya udah pernah di-share ya! Kalo #ciskek sebenernya saya ganti2 resep dan yg ini baru sekali bikin tapi takaran bahannya pas, rasa nge-cheese banget ga bau telor! … #JAPANESECHEESECAKE #soufflecheesecake 200g cream cheese 2 Tbs milk 40g sugar —> + 35g for egg whites meringue #メレンゲ 2 eggs —> separate yolk + white 25g corn starch 1 Tbs lemon See the videos for the steps, yes! . . . #resepcake #resepcheesecake #mamablogger #emakblogger #sharingresep #doyanbaking #cheesecakejepang #ソフレチーズケーキ #クッキングクラス #米粉ピザ #ふわふわケーキ #もちもちピザ #recipega_pizza

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Sweet Potato Nikujaga

Sweet Potato Nikujaga (さつまいもで肉じゃが)

Sweet potato can go YUM! as your side dish too. It gives a little sweet taste among the savory dishes. Adopted from Japanese cuisine 肉じゃが (nikujaga) which means meat (肉 = niku) and potato (じゃがいも = jagaimo).

This is my second recipe from “Sweet Potato Menu” series on Instagram.

As the original recipe, I used to cook nikujaga with beef and potato, but this time I didn’t have any beef stock in my freezer, but still store some halal sliced lamb by Anzco. For us, lamb always works in all situation and of course can substitute the beef whenever we want 😛

You can find nikujaga recipe in many sources, one of them from Kikkoman Japan (Japanese)

Below is recipe by Recipega (halal version of the common nikujaga recipes) Continue reading

Hot Soba Recipe

Rewritten from http://instagram.com/p/uKASZBvtlX

Almost two years ago since my first attempt of homemade #kakesoba (#soba with hot soup) or simply known as #hotsoba like this. I wasn’t well-prepared to cook this menu so we gave up big shrimp, chikuwa, or some common vegetables (eggplant, paprika, zucchini, etc.) for #tempura. Yet, kabocha saved the authentic look of my tempura set! 😀

My kakesoba and tempura (2014)

My kakesoba and tempura (Oct 14, 2014)

I took a nap this afternoon and somehow dreamt that I was hanging out with my Indonesian friends at Japan, nursing their babies, and eating plenty of sushi together. Nooo.. it made me feel so blue when I woke up, then I asked my husband to search for Japanese restaurant around here, but as usual it ended up with reluctance to spend our monthly budget for eating out :mrgreen: #recipega #天ぷら #かけそば

I still have dry soba noddle stock and some basic Japanese food ingredients, so kitchen is the best answer to my craving.

Here’s the ingredients for soba soup I used (4 portion) –> Halal guaranteed 😛

  • 200 g (8 oz) dry soba noddle
  • 3 cup water
  • 1 cup bonito flakes (katsuobushi かつおぶし)
  • 1/2 cup seaweed (wakame わかめ) –> I see some recipes that konbu こんぶ type is more common to use
  • 1/2 cup soy bean sauce (shouyu しょうゆ) –> mine is Kikkoman non-alcohol
  • 1 tsp dashi (from fish or seaweed, it depends on your preference, but you can also skip this ingredient)
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp sugar or as desired
  • of course I skipped mirin / sake and added 1 tbsp vinegar instead.. however, it’s not mirin / sake substitute

Recipe for soup

  1. bring 3 cup of water to boil
  2. simmer it while adding katsuobushi, wakame / konbu, shouyu, dashi, and sugar
  3. use the filter to serve

While my tempura ingredients were:

  • 200 g (8 oz) all purpose flour or tempura flour –> I used all-purpose flour
  • 100 ml (4 fl oz) cold water –> chilled is better
  • 1 medium egg
  • shrimp –> should have used the big one with shell and tail, but I don’t have it so I just used the small one and it’s frozen type (mukiebi むきえび)
  • fillet fish (white flesh)
  • shitake
  • kabocha (Japanese pumpkin)
  • greenpeas –> mix with the shrimp
  • vegetable oil for frying

Recipe for tempura

  1. prepare cold water or some rock ice to chill the dough
  2. add the flour and egg to the water, mix well using whisk
  3. cover all vegetables / meats with flour before soak them in the dough
  4. heat the pan, make sure oil has reached 180o C (350o F)
  5. soak shrimp etc. to the dough, then immediately fry it while collecting the crumbs of fried dough that floating on top of the oil –> sorry I cannot explain well 😐 hope the video below help you

!!! Always keep the dough cold