How 1 Year Old Meal Time Looks Like

Musa’s mealtime look 1 year ++

Keukeuh pake sendok / garpu, mau balik piring, ngunyah kebanyakan (“molo-molo” orang Jawa bilang), buang-buang makanan adalah sebagian potret kekinian Musa saat makan.

It’s almost a month since my last photo for this album. If you see Musa’s meals pics before, you may think he’s an easy baby in eating. Now, Musa has been a toddler, entering period when he’s naturally to be a picky eater. Table foods with salt and sugar (yey, finally!) can’t make he eats more than his baby foods. He still prefers to eat plain fruits or veggies instead of yummy-crunchy-fascinating fried chicken a la KFC.

We have more challenges for sure, but we don’t want to bring down his self-regulate sense that has been built so far. We simply give up the foods to give to him when he doesn’t want to eat.

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