Ramadan Prep a la Cooking Mama

#ea5512 #fridge and #freezer deep cleaning to welcome our super special guest: #Ramadan2016 – Got three foods cooked (and still counting), several fresh veggies chopped, and some store-brought frozen produces for emergency sahoor (meal before fasting) and iftar (meal after fasting). The freezer has not too much space anymore to store the fresh meat and seafood we just shopped yesterday.. 😅😅 Hope Allah makes easy for us to change sleep cycle a lil bit, fill the day and night with more worships and good deeds, do fasting in heated days, and control our temper or any kind of negativity. Aamiin. #mealpreparation #welcomingramadhan #welcomeholyspirit #helloramadan #sayinshaaallah #deepcleaning #ramadanpreparation #ramadanprep
Posted by Ega Dioni Putri via Facebook

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