My First Playing with Ladyfingers

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イチゴがたっぷりCharlotte Cake!One of my dreamt cake came true 😍 And this is another “never ate yet made it on my own food” 😬 I was always curious to what’s inside a beautiful round cake with lady fingers arrangement outer. It turned out I then also made #mousse for the first time! I didn’t have interested to try mousse before this since little I knew it uses raw eggs, though many resources say it’s safe for eating raw egg even kids. The strawberry mousse in this cake used no egg at all, instead it needed gelatin from strawberry syrup, which is also new thing for me (in the previous cake I told you that was my debut using this magical substance). Unfortunately the mousse wasn’t smooth as I thought to add more strawberry syrup after it got thickened 😅 . . 👩🏻‍🍳 Step by step to arrange this cake and detail of ingredients are available soon in my blog (by tomorrow). Subscribe for getting updated to our new posts 😊 . . Pas bikin kue ini yang kepikir adalah “ini kue cocok buat yang males bikin sponge cake” karena emang kalo mau diisi mousse aja bakal selesai juga tanpa perlu baking sama sekali. #recipega kebetulan gagal bikin strawberry cake (terlalu padat sepertinya karena resep cake andalan nggak cocok dipakai dengan strawberry puree 😫) yang aslinya buat base, jadi ganti rencana pakai mousse dan reused sisa kue coklat dari cake sebelumnya aja 😜. Cuma si cecoklatan malah bikin penampakannya agak berantakan pas diiris, nyampur sama yang pink-pink. Namun, bagi khalayak pengajian di mana kue ini launched mah penampilan nomor sekian. Yang penting rasanya cucok. Wkwk.

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Inspiration came from many resources, but mainly I adopted the recipe and followed the instruction from Natasha’s Kitchen. The main differences were I changed raspberry into strawberry and I didn’t make the sponge cake.

Here is my version 😉Ingredients for 18cm baking pan

⚠️ It’s recommended to use springform pan (loyang yang dasarnya bisa dilepas)

150 g ladyfingers biscuits (in Japan I bought it at Nissin Delicatessen – probably some other world stores like Kaldi have it too)

1 cups frozen strawberries, thawed and pureed1 pack fresh strawberries 🍓 (about 20 pcs small berries), washed, trimmed the tops

1/2 Tbs gelatin powder (in Japan I bought it at Al Flah trading)

1 Tbs lemon juice

1 pack (200ml) heavy cream

3 Tbs powdered sugar

1/4 cup brown sugar

Red kakigori syrup (any store-bought syrup)


I reused chocolate sponge cake and leftover chocolate cream + ganache from my chocolate cake


Chocolate Cream/Cake:

Strawberry Mousse

(1) Sift puree, set aside the pulps. You should yield about 1 cup smooth puree.

(2) Whisk the heavy cream until stiffed peak

(3) Put puree in the fry pan, add sugar, then cook with low heat while stirring until the liquid is gone.

(4) Add lemon juice, then gelatin powder. Now you have strawberry-jam-like.

(4) Wait it cool down a little bit, then gradually add into whipped cream, mix well.


(1) Arrange ladyfinger biscuits along the rim of the pan as simulation to measure how many pieces you’ll need to make the outer cake. Cut one of biscuits end about 1 cm lengthwise and test that it ables to stand up straight. You may need to trim the last ladyfinger in widthwise too.

⚠️ Spare some more biscuits for cake base, trim as needed

⚠️ Don’t discard the biscuits’ cuts, you can use it for patching holes in the cake base too (see picture no. 1 above)

Susun biskuit ladyfingers di pinggiran loyang untuk menghitung jumlah yang diperlukan. Potong satu sisi tinggi biskuit sepanjang 1 cm, sekedar agar bagian yang melengkung terbuang sehingga biskuit bisa berdiri tegak. Biskuit terakhir yang diletakkan mungkin perlu diiris sedikit tepinya agar bisa masuk ke ‘barisan’ 😁 Jangan buang potongan biskuit karena akan bermanfaat untuk menambal lubang-lubang di dasar kue.

(2) Line the pan with plastic wrap, put cooking sheet in the bottom. Now the real assemble! Arrange ladyfingers for the side (pan peripheral) and for the base as shown in my picture.

Lapisi loyang dengan plastic wrap dan alasi dasarnya dengan kertas roti, lalu susun biskuit untuk tepi dan dasar kue seperti foto no.1 di atas.

(3) Brush kakigori syrup all over the in-side biscuits (picture no.2)

Oleskan sirup di seluruh permukaan dalam biskuit. Ini saya kurang paham sih gunanya apa, tapi semua resep-resep kue yang pakai filling krim pasti ada olesan ini dulu sebelum dikasih krim. Buat ‘lem’ gitu?

(4) At this point, you can put whatever filling you like. For mine, I spread the chocolate whipped cream (pic no.3), and then set the strawberries (pic no.4), then strawberry mousse (pic no.5), thinly sliced chocolate cake + strawberry pulps + chocolate ganache (pic no.6-7), and strawberry mousse again (not pictured). Last, I added the fresh strawberries and a little kiwi as topping.

Di tahap ini sebenarnya udah bebas mau kaya gimana nyusun filling kuenya. Kalo mau ngikutin resep ini, silakan disiapkan dulu isiannya dengan mengikuti instruksi cara membuat mousse di atas. Kue ini bakal lebih enak kalo dikasih sponge cake juga. Hiasan stroberi atau buah lain juga bebas saja.

Done! No baking needed (um.. I meant actually my strawberry sponge cake was failed so I didn’t use it) yet of course sponge cake addition would boost the taste 😆

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