Aisar and Electric Car

Until today, Aisar has joined a local machine company (they just haven’t found a good web developer :P) for exactly two weeks. His responsible comprises upgrading some unfinished-features through software engineering, for example how to display error message perfectly on digital dashboard, as we commonly look at the electronics nowadays. I, since the first visit of him to its head office for delivering proposal (Jan 9), felt suited with no doubt that the company would open great insight and experience for him. Besides, Aisar has high interest to the field “automatic vehicle”, which is actually further development of electric car. Aisar learned it recent years between tight schedule when he was still an engineer in a multinational corporation of Japan, before ended up as ‘unemployed start-up owner’ in two months for the sake of his next plan: pursuing master degree, also on the track of his interest. So, the current job should ‘click’ enough with his passion. That’s why I supported him to the fullest for moving a week earlier from Bandung to Depok that he could start his new ‘career’ soon. While waiting for some good news from his campus-wanna-be, Aisar decided to take a half year contract.

That’s it! And, what drove me to write this post is to capture his first time of driving electric car from the factory. Unfortunately, he was late to tell me about this moment…>_<



The first electric car operated by Aisar

Of course we both hope that this Aisar’s choice will leave significant influence for him to become one of the future vehicle innovators in Indonesia, even world, someday 🙂