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Love this park so much, and I believe this little guy does too #ea5512
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Hallo, German!

Checked in another leading country in the world, my first European experience ever, and quickly firmed up that Japan is still no. 1 we can expect for convenience.. and might be also for all perfection in life only if they’re religious and not workaholic 😄😄😄. Alhamdulillah..
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Good Bye, Farmington!

Goodbye, Farmington! Thanks for being a wonderful living place ❤️

One day left tomorrow before flying and we’ll spend it in Musa’s hometown. Sorry for those whom we can’t make to meet yet. You know, moving house with active toddler (who destroyed everything you arranged) and workaholic man (who wanted to work in office up to the last day) is not easy deal. Hahaha.

#lastmomentsinUSA #ea5512

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When the Library Made Us Upset..


My heart was breaking and I felt so sorry to Musa this morning. There was an interesting event in the library we’re used to go that’s only available this summer: Play and Learn for Age 1-3 with experts invited. Musa had found his toy and played with other kids for few minutes before we were told about signing up and not allowed to join them at all because we missed to register T_T. The coordinator said the program has been full for all weeks with no clue how many kids they want to keep and why we can’t ask to be waiting list. There was a participant leaving earlier yet we were not offered to go in -_-.

I was so upset. We are loyal participant of library’s story time every week and I looked forward to join this program since a month ago. Recent weeks I was so busy with trips plus events and didn’t pay attention to event details. However, I always kept in mind that I would have event on June, 3. See my second photo! That is the ONLY publication I know about this event. I put it on my working table and saw it every day, but the information “registration is required” was failed to catch my focus. It’s too little between long text, huh? Some other mommies looked misguide too.

Lesson learned:
– Read information carefully
– Don’t be a procastinator. If you have read an instruction, there’s usually a time limit to follow it, so just do immediately
– I wish I could design better advertisement than this so people don’t miss the important thing to do. Hahahaha


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Flint Water Crisis: Blood Draw for Checking Lead


Musa had taken #blooddraw to check #leadcontamination in the #tapwater we drink. He drinks nursery water with fluoride added, but probably his pediatrician just wanted to make sure that he’s fine. Look at this happy face after a hand poke. He’s such a brave little guy. The lab staff needed to search for best venous twice in both hands, but she had no clue and asked me instead, “Did he drink?” she said we had to make him well hydrated, then called her senior, the senior said “Nothing greatest, but let’s try” and they forced to inject the needle, got no blood drawed at first and Musa had started crying, but finally they did it, brought about two tubs of bloods. #musaromas only cried mildly (like his cry everybody out there knows) then laughed immediately. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #toddlerlife #1y6d #MLabs #UofMHospital #labtest #flintwatercrisis #handpoke

Musa hari ini diambil darahnya untuk mengecek kandungan timbal dari air minum (di sini air kran bisa diminum). Jadi ceritanya di daerah #Flint, #Michigan lagi ada kasus air tercemar timbal gitu karena kesalahan manajemen (pipanya udah jadul n karatan bikin logam berat larut dalam air.. Yaiks, kan?) yang mana hal ini bisa mengganggu kesehatan. Sebetulnya Musa minumnya dari air mineral khusus bayi, tapi dokternya meresepkan untuk #cekdarah mungkin untuk memastikan aja apakah dia aman. Agak susah cari pembuluh darah yang pas untuk disuntik tadi. Staf labnya bolak-balik meraba tangan kanan, kiri, kanan, kiri lagi, terus malah nanya apakah Musa udah minum cukup sebelumnya, sampai akhirnya dia manggil seniornya. Senior yang rambutnya udah putih semua ini juga sama nggak langsung dapet, katanya nggak ada yang paling oke, tapi coba aja deh. Diambillah dua tabung darah dan Musa cuma nangis bentar, nangis khas ala dia yang orang pada tahu nggak heboh, lalu ketawa-ketiwi :))

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[Update May 17]

We got the result of his blood draw. Thanks, Allah, everything is okay. We may continue to give him nursery water with fluoride (next time by storing in refrigerator as instruction in the label.. we were wrong all this time) and sometimes filtered tap water like what we do now.