Free Kids-Fun Indoor Tokyo: Fire Museum

A member in Tokyo Playdates group I follow on FB shared that his kids had fun at “Fire Museum” in the post I commented when I really needed idea to take Musa out with zero yen. In the next day after I read his comment, I repeated my trip to Shinjuku, exactly with the same route like our visit to Shinjuku Gyoen, except I had to go two more stations farther.

Generally, Musa enjoys outdoor places more than indoor destinations, moreover museum, but recently he used to be afraid to the darkness and big displays of museum. LOL. With this Yotsuya Fire Museum he was so. We entered from the basement, which has real-size of fire trucks from now and old ages, and the most scary thing for him, which actually super cute: toy fire-truck with a character robot that can respond you if you step in the designated point by moving its head.

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