Started a New Living

Big smile after 2 months of struggle to find a decent place for Musa and his little bro. Wish us luck with the moving and start of a new living!

house kessai Japan

House kessai (決裁) on Oct 29. 2018

My reviews about the process of buying house in Japan:

(1) Is it worth buying a house in Tokyo, Japan and how does it compare with paying a rent?

(2) How much does it cost to buy a house in Tokyo, Japan? How could foreigners afford it?

(3) How can foreigners secure a housing loan or mortgage in Japan?

(4) What is the process of buying a house and getting a housing loan in Japan? Continue reading

Our #5 House Moving

#ea5512 story – Goodbye, #Northwood V! Thank you for all memories within our first five months in #AnnArbor, especially for today, when we had the craziest house-moving ever (5th moving during marriage) in the midst of one day full #winterstorm and #heavysnow, and also an Indonesian potluck with around 25 people coming. We moved to another #studenthousing with smaller size, one bedroom, and one floor to be more convenient. It’s closer to grocery and masjid too. Thanks guys for helping us!
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