Catching Adachi-Hanabi Before Another Trip to Indonesia

Summer is time for fireworks!
And if you ever happened to see fireworks in Japan (called “hanabi”), I tell you that it’s THE BEST!
Hanabi season usually starts at July when summer vacation for students is ongoing, then continues in a row during August in which obon yasumi (considered as summer holiday for the companies) also takes places. Being sponsored by the government across the country, it’s often said like a moment to show the prestige of each organizer (aka city holder) and an attempt to put the proud of the residents’ hearts since their taxes also contribute to this exhibition 😀

Okay, so because of our plan to visit Indonesia (aka “mudik”) in August, we looked for the chance to see hanabi beforehand. We finally went to this No.2 Famous Tokyo Fireworks last Saturday (2017/07/22) and captured almost full-time show either in videos and pictures while persuading a 2-years-old toddler who was getting scared to all those explosion sounds :))

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Japanese Small-Home Hacks

Few weeks ago I posted virtual tour of my home in IG stories by featuring the tricks we apply to outsmart the tiny spaces around house. It turned out some followers gave their positive responses and wanted me to tell more. Well, to be honest I actually just got inspired and recreated the ideas by others.


Organizing plates, cups, and cooking ingredients with 100-yen shop storage containers


Increasing space on top of the fridge by installing small rack


Storing not-in-season clothes in the vacuum plastics

Not all yet. More to come..

April Missions: Visa Extension and Driving License

Today we had double missions: to extend Ega’s visa, then to submit Aisar’s driving license application stuffs. Since Aisar already took absence from his office, which is a rare moment, before sleeping at night, we suddenly wanted to add another plan: visit Tsukiji, that is the most well-known fish market at Japan. So, it should have been triple missions though, but finally we gave up for Tsukiji. Not because overslept, but we could’t meet taxi to go to station (4.55 AM), while a couple minutes late to station means no hope for getting entrance ticket if we’d like to watch the tuna auction (maximum 6.45 AM). Yes, here nearby Kamiooka station, the earliest train runs about 30-60 minutes before the bus operates. Taxi is the answer. That’s what we remembered at that time. Too bad to realize later on: why didn’t we think about riding the bike? 😦

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