Sweet Potato Nikujaga

Sweet Potato Nikujaga (さつまいもで肉じゃが)

Sweet potato can go YUM! as your side dish too. It gives a little sweet taste among the savory dishes. Adopted from Japanese cuisine 肉じゃが (nikujaga) which means meat (肉 = niku) and potato (じゃがいも = jagaimo).

This is my second recipe from “Sweet Potato Menu” series on Instagram.

As the original recipe, I used to cook nikujaga with beef and potato, but this time I didn’t have any beef stock in my freezer, but still store some halal sliced lamb by Anzco. For us, lamb always works in all situation and of course can substitute the beef whenever we want 😛

You can find nikujaga recipe in many sources, one of them from Kikkoman Japan (Japanese)

Below is recipe by Recipega (halal version of the common nikujaga recipes) Continue reading