Homemade Nan Bread

Bikin #nan ternyata gampil bingit, pemirsahhh.. Surprised!

This is my first attempt of making nan and I was confident enough to take the pic since we’re satisfied. Haha.

How to make:

  1. mix 2 cups all purpose flour + 1 tsp salt (flour mixture)
  2. stir 1.5 tsp dry yeast + 1 tsp sugar + 1 cup warm water until frothing (yeast mixture)
  3. add 5 Tbs plain yogurt to yeast mixture, add into flour mixture, add 2 Tbs melted butter, combine them all
  4. raise for 60-90 min
  5. divide into 6 pcs dough
  6. shape like water drops
  7. cook in the fry/griller pan without oil

#homemadenaanbread #recipega #naanbread #ナンレシピ

Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

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