Hisashiburi Quesadilla

久しぶりケサディージャー ❤️❤️❤️
(baru tahu tulisannya dalam katakana sesusah itu..haha)

My first quesadilla in Japan life chapter 2 with homemade chicken kebab and broccoli using tortilla wraps from German Trader Joe’s (wow! I thought it’s only found in USA –> hope they will also open the stores here in Tokyo soon :D) brought by hubby who’s just had business trip there.

I love how quick everything is made with tortilla. When I’m too lazy to cook breakfast, simply wrap the peanut butter and banana (oh, and chocolate sprinkles –> this is so Indonesian :P), then tadaaa.. we have proper meal! Same way for this one, I just defrosted the chicken kebab stored in a resealable bag from my freezer and drained some canned beans plus throw the veggies and cheese. No recipe needed, see?

#recipega #cookingmama #ケサディージャ
Posted originally by @egadioniputri via Instagram


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