Kamisama Kara no Purezento

“Kamisama-kara no purezento” (gift from God) on our 4th anniversary (5/5/2016), fitting outfit for his 1st-year photo shoot.
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The term is inspired by one of my favorite Japanese songs which was played as the back sound in “Hajimete no Otsukai” TV program. I couldn’t find lot of information about this song by the way. but at least there’s somebody uploaded this picture video (he?) on Youtube. Even without knowing the meaning of words in the lyrics, the music can still melt your heart, no?

4th Anniversary Dinner

#ea5512 With the most precious gift from Allah #musaromas, 4th anniversary dinner last night wasn’t necessary to be either high budget or romantic.. 😜😝 Yet, the food was such a blast for us! That #ThaiFriedRice tasted very similar to street-food cart in Indonesia we miss aaaaall the time! Ohhh so touching 😂😂😂

A plate costed less than $12 was filling enough for two persons and we got a basket of crackers too. Yum! Lucky us to have this old restaurant as our neighbor 😁😭

P.S.: I do thinking to write about my feeling and sharing our experience so far in sailing this marriage boat. However, our attention is still on another event coming up this weekend. May is super duper BUSY and SPECIAL month. Thank you so much for those who have been participating in our survey on Facebook 🙂

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