[Bento Musa + Mama] Fried Noodle and HB Eggs

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Happy lunch for JST zone! Today #bentomusa is paired with a lunch box for Mama. Papa has to take annual medical check-up and interview in the morning, so Mama dropped off Musa to school and stayed some places with free wifi and power to finish work on the laptop 😜 .

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Indomie Egg Mix

There are many ways to cook #Indomie (the phenomenal #instantnoodle from #Indonesia) suggested out there, but this one has been my favorite since my childhood time: Fried Egg with Indomie! Boil the noodle and mix with the seasonings (I used only half of pack to resuce sodium intake), add into beaten egg, and fry. Combine with #tofu #sausage or #meatball as desired. Top with salad or other veggies. Yummy! My family simply calls it as #pizzamie 😁 #recipegaPosted by @egadioniputri via Instagram