Tender Fried Duck

Well, I might be exaggerate (lebay in bahasa Indonesia slang), but today was really like a dreaming day for me. I can’t believe I made it! There was a menu that is actually our favorite, but I always avoided to cook, even to learn. Aisar requested me for several times , but I kept saying, “No! It’s difficult, couldn’t be cooked carelessly.. if not so, it would be tough and stinky” (in bahasa Indonesia of course :razz:). However, yesterday, I found an import shop nearby Azabujuban-station, Nissin World Delicatessen. This supermarket provides halal meat block in the 2nd floor and I was astonished to see various kinds of animal body parts sold there. They even sell the lamb (or sheep? I forgot) leg with about half of meter long. In short, I suddenly wanted to buy duck. “Maybe this is time to try”, my heart talked. I chose one from two available sorts.
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