Story of Musa Romas and His Meal

It’s been a week Musa started eating solids. Here is the video of his mealtime taken at the Day 8. Curious, messy, and so eager to chew the foods 🙂

Sudah seminggu kemarin Musa resmi menikmati MPASI. Seperti apa gambaran mealtime-nya? Kurang lebih sama kaya yang ada di video ini.

Rebutan sendok, super cemong, teriak-teriak, gebrak-gebrak meja, kaki diangkat satu kaya di warung.. Aah, forget about table manner lah pokoknya :)) Sebenarnya tiap jenis makanan baru yang dikenalkan selalu ada foto dan videonya, tapi mana sempat, bo, buat bikin kompilasinya.. ini aja bikinnya sambil tiduran nyusuin 😀

Nah, berhubung tahap MPASI ini merupakan dilema banyak orang tua baru, saya mau berbagi sedikit pandangan tentang metode yang beredar di luar sana dan pilihan pribadi kami. Continue reading

Welcome, Solid Foods!

Before I tell you about Musa’s solid foods experience, I would like to remind you an important thing: please don’t judge the choice made by the other parents in raising their children even though it goes against your beliefs. As some “peace campaign” has been sounded recently, we all know that when it comes to the parenthood, there’s no the most correct way for parenting and every parent, either blood or foster parent, knows the best for his / her own children. Here I’d like to share our opinion as new parents, which is, in many ways, book oriented 😛

I want to say here that, in case of feeding, we’ve been choosing ‘experimental’ path 😀 We welcomed pacifier and bottle for Musa since he was born. Some institutions, including WIC program I’m joining, count both as things not to offer for exclusive breastfeeding (you may say that I’m not exclusively breastfeeding.. it’s fine :P). However, pacifier worked extremely well to soothe our baby. Super helpful for the first two months (after 2 mo, Musa refused to suck on a pacifier and chose his fingers instead :D). Newborn baby has strong instinct in sucking.. all the time! even when his tummy is full, so pacifier is the answer 🙂

Meanwhile, the bottle is necessary for feeding my expressed breast milk and we’ve used it since Musa was three day olds because he got jaundice and I had to boost his intake of milk both from breast milk and formula. Formula milk was given to him only for one and half day at that time, but it meant a lot to solve his poop problem. Alhamdulillah, he’s a very easy baby on this matter. He’d be able to drink milk from the bottle since then.. masha Allah! And we continue giving him bottle-feeding each time we go out. I usually pump my breast milk in the night before or once we arrived home from outing, when the breasts are full because baby isn’t drinking a lot. I’m a happy Mama who doesn’t always need to be bothered for public breastfeeding. Hahaha.. 😉


Feeding guidelines from WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) >> look at the first column, it’s written that pacifier and bottle shouldn’t be offered to baby in the 1st month

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