No Way for Baby Blues

Dear Baby Noah,

Thank you for coming to my arms and holding me back from a lot of negative responses when facing unpleasant situations. Yeah, even though I’m still cheating to feel miserable or resentful behind you sometimes.. I can make sure that I’m not having baby blues and totally BABY PINKS to you 💕💞💝

Three weeks with this tiny human somehow my emotions become more stable compared to the time when I had only a toddler. Probably, an innocent baby’s face soothes me magically or I care less about the things unrelated to the baby and home. Also, I never imagined that it’s so easy to move on and love another child as much as the firstborn.

Your heart will grow.. and there will be enough room within it for all your sweethearts –> TRUUU

This all reminds me to the postnatal mental health survey I filled during my stay in the hospital  which actually wasn’t good that made me invited to meet the nurses and counselors. Thanks God, I’m great instead! 😇 Continue reading