When Romas Brothers Made Prayer Together

First Ramadan with Two Kids

This year we had baby Noah in our Ramadan. And alhamdulillah, although I fully breastfed him, I could make to do fasting all through the month!


In my experience, holding the meals while nursing is easier than letting my tummy empty while suffering the nausea in the early pregnancy (even though when I finally ate the foods tasted not good). It was like a fighting between my desire and my need. 🙂


This is my story I posted in the socmed about our hobby to do “masjid (mosque) tour” for iftar / taraweeh while Ramadan is coming and how it changes nothing even now with two kids. Written for FAHIMA’s contest. Continue reading

“Wan-Wan” Image for Musa’s Breakfast

ワンワンはここですよ!^_^ My new morning routine after sahoor during this #Ramadan is preparing #musaromas’ #breakfast because the Fajr prayer time is too early (2.30-ish) so I mostly skip night sleep and pay it post-sunrise, then hubby will take turn to look after Musa before going to work 😅 #recipega #musasmealsdiary • • Seperti yang saya tulis di blog tentang balada seorang ibu, bikin makanan cakep beginian harus siap patah hati karena belum tentu dimakan semua itu isinya, mau sebagus apa pun penampilannya nggak ngaruh dah, yang ngaruh cuma selera anak pada detik-detik doi menghadapi piringnya 😆 Wakakak. • • #toddlerfood #2yearsold #cookingmama #ramadankareem #幼児食 #男子弁当 #弁当 #朝ごはん #いないいないばぁ #ワンワン #キャラ弁 Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram