Macha Roll Cake

Musa requested me to make cake with strawberries as we got home from supermarket with a pack of red-perfectly-conical ichigo (Japanese: strawberry). I wanted it as well! In the chilly days like now in Japan, when the tummy is hungry more often than usual and all berries are in the season, combination of sour berries, sweet whipped cream, and light soft cake is the best dessert you could have! And here, wherever you go with the patisserie existed, most likely they will display that white-smooth-foamy strawberry cake. I previously thought to mimic it, but then changed the plan bcs I’d like to use my macha powder. So, here was the result..


Macha roll cake with strawberries = great composition

I uploaded it on my IG too and shared the story about macha (green tea powder for cooking), which I mistakenly compared to ryokucha (green tea leaves for drinking). LOL. Continue reading