Getting Back My Lost Bag in Germany

Story on Mar 8 – 9th 2018

The moment when I lost my whole bag in Stuttgart with two cellphones, one camera, wallet, and.. residence card + passports inside was really draining me. Many parties were involved in this case, from hotel receptionist to information-desk staff in the train service office. I got ambiguous information from one party and another which made picking my bag is longer than finding bag itself. Yes, even though I disappointed with the security of the city after I found nothing when I came back to suspected location soon after happening, my doubt was also quickly gone within one hour later when I got news via phone that my bag had been saved by the authorities. WOW!


That day, I was super tired after duet Swiss trip with my son. Our bus arrived at Kornwestheim station nearly midnight. My husband picked us and helped me to handle Musa. While waiting for the train to go back to our hotel, we took a rest by sitting next each other in the platform. I didn’t remember how I put my bag in the bench, but I can recall that I strolled around to kill the time and made my body warmer. It was very cold at that time and because midnight, only a few trains coming in an hour. When I was still walking sleepily here and there, my hubby suddenly headed me while pushing Musa’s stroller, leaving his sit too. Soon afterwards, the train was coming and we rode it. Inside the train we chatted each other like nothing wrong happened. We arrived at the hotel, came in to the room, and…… I knew my bag was not with us. Nobody remembered with the bag during the moment!!!

I got panic.

My short thought wanted me to go back to the station right now, but Aisar reminded me that the train had finished so although I could go to Kornwestheim, I wouldn’t get train back to Nordbahnhof, the closest station to our hotel. Taxi! Why not? Aisar didn’t agree because as his experience it couldn’t take credit card, whereas we ran out of euro cash. He suggested me to wait until the morning came.

However, how could I wait? Continue reading