Wedding Ceremonies

We married on Saturday, May 5th, 2012. Now you know why we named this website with code “EA5512”. Yes, it means Ega and Aisar as of day 5 month 5 and year 2012. Before the wedding, we agreed to keep remembering that holy date by using it as domain name of our family website.
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Our wedding consisted of two ceremonies: Akad Nikah and Walimatul ‘Ursy (Wedding Reception). Both session was held in one day sequentially with Akad Nikah in prior. Before Akad Nikah, the groom and the bride stayed in the separated location with respective family.


Preparation in the bride’s home


Preparation by the groom’s family

Akad Nikah

In this ceremony, there is a consent of both parties which means that the bride”s father hand overs his daughter to the groom or called by “Ijab Qabul” in Islamic sharia. Without completing this process, the marriage cannot be legitimated.

Dresscode: White and silver


Step by step “Akad Nikah” session

Walimatul ‘Ursy

Walimatul ‘Ursy is an Arabic term for reception or wedding party. Actually there is no official protocol in this ceremony except to serve the guests with lots of food either in buffet or booth. Of course, various desert and outstanding drink are also available.
Theme: Orange and red


Shots of our wedding reception



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