Flounder Spaghetti

Fried flounder with potato starch coating. I love it not only bcs it tastes good, but also bcs it doesn't take much time to cook. LOL

Fried flounder with potato starch coating. I love it not only bcs it tastes good, but also bcs it doesn’t take much time to cook. LOL

To be honest, I never known, even heard, about a fish species called “flounder” until someday Aisar bought me fried flounder from supermarket nearby our home, Kanehira (かねひらスーパー).  At that time, I only knew it as karei (かれい) and thought it was a kind of Japanese fish. Looking simply cooked yet tasting quite good, I was curious about the recipe, then easily stopped at cookpad (most famous recipe web 2.0 in Japan) page presenting step-by-step karei no karaage (かれいのから揚げ) or “fried flounder”, more specifically it is fried with potato-starch coating. Since then, I have shopped the raw flounder frequently to be cooked at home by myself and this recipe have become one of our favorite menu :wink:.

Shortly, after doing a little observation, I finally figured out that karei is “flounder” and hardly harvested in Japan. It is a flatfish with only one side face, which lives in Atlantic and Pacific ocean. No wonder I was less information about it in Indonesia.

The main story is just beginning 😛

However, someday the rice was out of stock from our jar and we were too lazy to restock it. I decided to cook spaghetti, but we had neither meat nor other spaghetti mates such as tuna, tarako, salmon, etc. Only flounder. The question is, “Are spaghetti and flounder a good combination to eat?”. Surprisingly, I found exactly what I need: a flounder pasta recipe! Unfortunately, I can’t track the original recipe anymore, but I will write it as I found it.

So, here is flounder spaghetti recipe that was tested in my kitchen 😀

Spaghetti with flounder.. why not?

Spaghetti with flounder.. why not?

★ How to
– boil the spaghetti with a little salt and olive oil, follow the instruction on package for duration, then set apart
– scrape the scales, fillet
– coat each piece with potato-starch mixed with salt, pepper, chili powder, or other seasonings you like
– fry the flounder in medium heat (180 degrees), set apart
– prepare the cream, I used mayonnaise and cheese
– spread the cream on the one side of flounder
– grill it for a minute
– cut into 4cm x 4cm pieces

As usual, paste for spaghetti is personal for each person, so I wouldn’t like to suggest you my favor. My favorite one is stirring style as follows:
– butter and olive oil stir in low heat
– add some white part of scallions and onion, finely chopped in prior, stir till soft
– add tomato and tomato sauce, then add the spaghetti
Don’t forget the finishing touch: parsley, basil, oregano, black pepper, Tabasco, etc.


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