One Year Later.. When Our Invitation Has Inspired Another Couple

Hi! Have you seen our 1st anniversary collage in the previous post?
Yes, time flies so fast and.. hello, the first-year challenge, I’m done with you amazingly! 😛

Not long after anniversary, some days ago, my mom sent me photo via Whatsapp. She just said, “Someone has imitated your invitation.”. When I opened the photo.. Wow! An invitation with the “Muslim-couple in wedding dress” picture as featured on our invitation’s cover was shown!


The invitation with the picture from our invitation design, published for wedding on June 2013

The original appearance of that couple icon on our invitation card is shown by photo below. It was taken some minutes after arriving home from printing agent :grin:.


Our invitation card, published April 2012

A strange fact that I knew from mom later is the invitation card that used our icon was NOT printed in the same agent with ours! So, whether they scanned our invitation card first, then redrew the image or got the digital version from somewhere on cyber world.. they did a good replication :roll:. No wonder, the icon has actually been ever used as avatar for my Google account, uploaded in this website, and published in our online invitation. I really featured it as our icon everywhere :lol:.

However, I won’t offend anyone for this and want to be grateful instead.

Why don’t we just learn to be happy if the others can be inspired by ‘what we have’, ‘what we did’, ‘what we created’, etc.? Doesn’t it mean that ours is too good to be copied?

Even more, neither I nor Aisar drew that icon! Vidiyan artist drew it for us :mrgreen:. Only, I then remember when I designed the concept about how the icon would be, even I’m still keeping the following fad scheme (created on May 29th, 20112), which illustrated my steps in designing the icon. In the first place, I collected all inspiring images, then tried to draw the sketch in Photoshop, and finally submitted my sketch to Vidiyan team to be developed in the real ‘figure’. Really a fun job! 🙂


Transformation from sample images into my design and Vidiyan’s illustration

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