FB Photo on August 07, 2014 at 06:14PM

#ea5512 update So guys (bcs many friends asked me), we’re in the journey moving to US by transiting around two weeks at Japan for packing the stuffs we left off almost one year ago. Cutting the budget is our reason to not sending all stuffs to Indonesia. Indonesians are awesome, they keep the soul of high solidarity everywhere even when they spread to abroad. We’re deeply indebted to some people who helped (and going to help) us to deal with our schedule.. to permit us use an empty apartment as our “trunk-room”.. to lend us temporarily-left apartment for staying during transit at Japan.. to share an excess room for staying before we’re allowed to enter our apartment upon arrival at US.. thank you so much! and last but not least for our parents, to let us occupy the homes along with bunch of goods again and again, till someday we can build our own home and settle there 🙂 * this photo was taken shortly after touching down place to stay in Tokyo on 2AM today *
Posted by Ega Dioni Putri via Facebook

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