Recipe on January 01, 2015 at 07:16PM

#ChocoChipCookies – New year, new achievement unlocked: baking cookies from scratch by myself for the first time! As I ever mentioned about my motivation in joining baking group of #internationalneighbors, I have lack of experience in baking and so does my family. For cookies, my experience is limited to helping Mommy with her trial on “kue Lebaran” (cookies for Eid celebration) when I was in primary school and just watching watching and watching demo or someone else make it. I usually stocked cookies from grocery for snacking, but within last two-weeks I didn’t buy any bcs I wanna force myself to finally practice #cookies recipes I got from the baking class. Believe me, everything #homemade always taste healthier and satisfy you more. Recipe will be written at #recipega

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