FB Photo on December 29, 2014 at 01:35PM

#ea5512 story: “Do you eat dairy products?”, the nurse asked me in the last check-up | “Yes” (in my mind: at least I’m struggling to drink two glasses of milk and eat cheese / yoghurt / butter every day) | “Remember that you need at least FOUR SERVINGS each day”, she said | what??? as that much? one serving is about “a cup of milk” or “a slice of cheese” and my daily intake is still less than needed even though I’ve noticed that calcium + vitamin D are highly required this time to help fetal’s strong bones and teeth grow. So, here comes a week when two huge scoops of Washtenaw Dairy’s delicious ice cream and four scoops of another ice cream in Ahmo’s Gyro couldn’t satisfy my craving! #IceCream is the only interesting dairy product for me so far. Lucky us, this “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” of #Hudsonville promo in #Busch saved us from feeling the pinch of purchasing more ice cream out there :)) Important thing: it’s #MadeinMichigan. Let’s support local products! 😀 AnnArbor #Michigan
Posted by Ega Dioni Putri via Facebook

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