FB Photo on December 26, 2014 at 11:54AM

#ea5512 story: H&M deals are never disappointed us. Today we purchased for the items valued almost $84 with only $15! They distributed limited voucher with varied values today and in related store only. Compared to other fashion retailers we checked in the mall, @hm deals and sales have more benefits bcs the price cuts are also applied for discounted items, not only regular-price items like most clothing stores do! BTW, I just learned another sale day in Western country. One day after #Christmas (or up to some next days) is Boxing Day / Boxing Week which was originally a holiday in England or to world-wide it’s a day when people share the Christmas boxes for the poors (wow I’m curious, it’s similar to Zakah in Muslim’s Eid al-Fitr). However, nowadays Boxing Day has been recognized as the “second Black Friday” to attract end-year shoppers 😀 #boxingday #boxingweek #briarwood #AnnArbor #Michigan #USALife #sale #deal #TGIF
Posted by Ega Dioni Put ri via Facebook

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