Mie Aceh (Aceh Style Curry Noodle)

My #firstattempt of Mie Aceh, one of #ea5512’s favorite foods. While staying around Jakarta last year, once in a month we visited Aceh (the westmost province of Indonesia) restaurant 😛 For this time, not as usual, I followed exactly the ingredients measure from #resephariini and didn’t expect it turned sooo yummy!!! Inspirasi masak bisa datang dari mana aja, termasuk obrolan ringan dengan para wanita yang lagi sama-sama rindu masakan tanah air terus ada yang nyeletuk pengen mie Aceh. Eaaa karena kebetulan suka juga, jadi kepengen deh bikin 😀 #recipega #mieaceh #mieacehkuah #indonesiancuisine #makanankhasaceh

Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

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