Another #ea5512 story.. I cannot stop thinking about what my husband’s supervisor said yesterday. In our journey of pursuing graduate study, I think both of us are lucky to have professors who really care and understand about our life as a family. Three years ago, when I was about to start writing my thesis and opening new academic year, I had to go home country for preparing my wedding. It was hard to say to my professor that I need err.. two months, including a month off of my lectures and lab meetings with him 😀 He was surprised at the beginning when I was telling him my plan, but then he supported and permitted me to present my thesis progress every week via Skype during my stay in Indonesia. I felt so relieved and was very thankful to be his student. When I went back to Japan after my wedding, he and another professor in the same lab even gave me a lovely wedding gift and big congratulation. Yesterday was Aisar’s turn to be kindly treated by his professor. We have known him as a nice person indeed, even before coming to Ann Arbor. He’s the one who helped Aisar got his application to UM goal. He offered another job to Aisar for internship during summer vacation, but he asked first when Aisar will be able to begin the work since he knows that we are going to have baby soon. Aisar said one month after our baby is born will be okay (means mid of June). However, I’m sure Aisar didn’t expect that he would say: “Is there any of your family coming to help you and your wife?” (the answer is none, of course) “Oh, no.. no.. you’ll be busy FOR MONTHS! I think you’re underestimating the home works as a new parent.” Hahaha.. Slap! I’m really happy Aisar’s professor implicitly ‘taught’ fatherhood to him in such way 😛 Thanks, Sir! *photo: preparing homemade baby mobile*
Posted by Ega Dioni Putri via Facebook

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