Pumpkin Soup and Cheese Baguette

Expectation: Panera bread’s Pumpkin Soup and cheese baguette. Reality: Kabocha soup with too-dense cheese bread.. and pardon for messy cream on top, I’m not a good barista -_-. Oh, @panerabread please open in Tokyo 😀 #recipega • • Anyone has tips for making lots of “window” inside the bread or making bread more airy? I followed some tips from cyber folks yet got no success yet. Bikin roti seringan hasilnya terlalu padet, padahal pengennya yang banyak bolong tengahnya gitu. Kalo ada yang punya tips biar roti berongga-rongga parah, kasih tahu, ya! Ini kayanya khusus roti yang cenderung plain ya, bukan yang lembut-lembut dan banyak komposisi kaya roti Asia. Hehehe.. • • RECIPE #kabochasoup: #cookpad japan (there’s lots of them, just choose one, mine was improved version :D), #baguette: #cookinglight website. #pumpkinsouprecipe from Americans look much tasty than this Japanese’s since it has a lot of ingredients. I recommended you to follow the real Panera pumpkin soup copycat recipe for the best result, but this simple one is very yummy too! (1) In a bakeware, 1/4 part >> steam in microwave 800W for 5minutes, peel the skin >> mash (2) In a saucepan, sautee 1/4 large onion + 1 garlic in 1 Tbs oil >> reduce heat, melt 1 Tbs butter (3) Add mashed pumpkin to the saucepan >> pour 250 ml cow’s milk >> stir with whisk until well combined (4) Add sugar, salt and black pepper, and boullioun if you have (I didn’t use) >> measure as desired. This soup should turn sweet. (5) Add Italian seasonings and heavy cream (optional) #homemadebread #pumpkinsoup #kabochasouprecipe #cheesebread #cheesebaguette #baguette #homemadebaguette Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

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