Grilled Red Fish (Soi)

Blackened #redfish (#ソイ / #soifish in Japan), grilled with homemade #cajunseasoning. #Cookingfish always becomes a challenge for #recipega, especially if it’s the #wholefish. Removing the dirts isn’t simple and tests the patience already, moreover making it – not stinky – fully cooked without breaking the body structure • • Based on my several experiments, here are some tips I noted for #grillingfish: 1) Let the skin on 2) Use oil to coat entire fish 3) Include lemon / lime juice when marinating fish with the herbs / spices 4) Split in the middle horizontally (make it “flat” like this photo) 5) Use racks or fish griller tweezers 6) Grill in opened fire or “broil” mode • • #cookingmama #cajunfish #allrecipes Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

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