Basic Stir-fry Veggies

#recipega Stir-fry #gardenveggies for two Indonesian gatherings a.k.a. “#pengajian” today (Mama and Papa going to different circle) with #scrambledeggs in the center covered by ‘flowered’ #tomato. I didn’t mix them together bcs some people prefer not to eat either egg or tomato (ex: my hubby hates tomato 🙄). I noticed there’s used to be lack of veggies served in the potlucks or parties we went 😅. • • #vegetables in: #onion, #celery, tomato (juice + seeds only), #shimeji, #carrot, #cabbage, #nappa, #kabocha, #sweetcorn, #greenpeas, #broccoli. • • #cookingmama #potluck #japanlife #muslimlife Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

At night after the gatherings took place, a host messaged me to ask how the stir-fry could be still fresh yet all veggies are tender. I told her that basically I used little water and relied on ‘steaming’ each vegetable in the covered pan a couple minutes. The timing for adding vegetables also mattered to make them cooked thoroughly. Start from the hard ones to the soft ones, ex: carrot -> pumpkin -> cabbage -> broccoli. Don’t put some more water otherwise your already-cooked-veggies will be withered. The result should be crunchy veggies with slight seasonings traced.

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