French Toast from Shokupan (White Bread)

#recipega Simple #frenchtoast for #breakfast made from loaf pan (called #shokupan [#食パン] in Japan) with #puderzucker alias #powdersugar + #strawberrypowder + #blueberries topping. • • Method: Cut 3 slices shokupan (8 cuts size) into four squares. Dip in the mixture (use the whisk) of – 2 eggs (cold) – 1 cup milk (cold) – 1 tsp condensed milk and then arrange on a microwave-safe dish. Microwave 800W for 1 minute. Dip again in the remaining eggs mixture until all mixture is used up. Heat up the pan (medium heat), spread 1 tsp butter or oil, and “toast” the bread pieces till nicely get brown (about 3 minutes). Turn over once. • • #toast #トースト #フレンチトースト #食パンフレンチトースト #frenchtoastrecipe #saturdaybreakfast Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

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