Soy Sauce Sliced Beef and Potato

We run out of cooked rice for dinner when it was 8PM already. So, it’s time to #goveggies as carbs! This quick, easy, and healthy menu came from arbitrary recipe by #recipega aka my kitchen 😝. Ready within 30′. Steps >>> – Cut potatoes in wedges, microwave 800W for 4 minutes, drain, coat with oil+salt+pepper, toast for 15-20 minutes (or turn “healthy fry” mode on your oven if any) – While waiting for potatoes cooked, grill the frozen green beans on pan, pour a little sesame oil, salt+pepper as desired – After getting done with the green beans, move into the beef. Melt butter in low heat, fry onion, brown the beef, pour soy sauce and maple syrup. Cook until the liquid is gone. – Serve with roasted cashews and fresh basil 😋 Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

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