[Bento Musa] Pangasius Fish Sticks

Posted from egadioniputri‘s Instagram

Back to school after a week staying home due to stomach pain. Sensei called me yesterday to confirm his condition and invite him to come to school today if he can make it. Musa chose to go. I hope he’s okay until his class finished. Please pray for him 🙏🏻

Recipe for the fish sticks was inspired fromAnnabel Karmel’s Superfood book. You can use any fish fillet, but I recommend to use the fishes with white fleshes such as cod or the one I used in this recipe: pangasius (kind of catfish in South East Asian).

RANT for today (9 / 27):

Bikin #bentomusa lagi, walaupun kangmas usulin pulang cepet aja nggak usah dibawain krn masih rawan sakit. Mama tetap bawain krn itu yg bikin Musa semangat sekolah juga. Kasian kalo dia bisa sampe siang tapi ngiler nggak punya bento. Haha. Pagi ini harus gercep, udah jam 8 lewat baru siapin bento, jadi nggak pake lucu-lucuan, intinya ada di fish sticks sama blueberries, dua elemen favoritnya 😊. Semoga anakku sehat dan bahagia hari ini di sekolah, ya Allah.. aamiin. … Meanwhile, today Papa and Mama have to meet two “リフォーム” companies for discussing about the renovation of our future house. So excited to get everything done soon before the freezy autumn really knocks the door, before my check-up turns once every other week, before Musa faces tight schedule in his school during Fall semester.. because our new living place will be only one kilometre away from his school and my hospital 💃🏻 🍂

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