An Awesome Two Years Old

The moment Musa turned one year old was the beginning I got amazed and more amazed with a magical transformation from a just-baby into a real-human-being. Call it new parent syndrome or so, but it’s been one and a half year since then even I tear in joy more often when finding his new skill. Thus, here I’m trying to recall some memories of our blessed life with Musa the last year that I won’t forget when he’s growing up and hitting the next trillion milestones.

He grows so fast!

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800 Days


▶️ Today I was reminded by the #childrearing email service of our vicinity that #musaromas turned 800 days this Sunday (7/16). Wow! Apparently I have to make a post to share some thoughts on my mind recently.. (jump to ➡️) ⏭ Pertama, perkara membandingkan. Tidak seperti masa bayi yang perkembangannya cenderung terprediksi timing-nya dan beda tipis antara satu bayi dengan lainnya, di usia-usia segini makin kerasa kalo tiap anak beda-beda kemajuannya di tiap aspek. Ada yang duluan ngomongnya, ada yang duluan “matengnya” (ex: bisa dibilangin), dll. Sangat rawan bagi ortu untuk banding-bandingin anaknya sendiri dengan anak orang lain.. dan saya akuin salah satu tema curhatan saya ke suami ya tentang perbandingan itu (“si anu udah bisa gini, kok M belum ya?”, “anaknya si itu pintar gituan lho, kapan ya M bisa?”, dan sebangsanya, begitu pun sebaliknya kalo M ‘dialem’ alias dapat pujian dari orang lain, dibanggain sambil ambil contoh anak lain sebayanya). Heuheuheu.. •

⏭ Merasa bersalah pasti iya abis itu, padahal mungkin aja emang wajar.. karena ternyata saya dapat info begini dari @babycenter minggu ini: ➡️ No Comparison
It’s tempting to compare your preschooler with his playmates, but it’s not constructive. At this age, kids start developing in wildly different ways. Some focus fiercely on language or motor skills for a time while other skills stagnate. And new skills are acquired at a whole range of “normal” rates. Trust your gut: Does your child seem okay to you? Whenever you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to mention it to his doctor. ⏭ dan kalo ngecek apa yang harusnya bisa dilakukan seorang anak #2yearsold, rasanya nggak ada yang perlu saya khawatirkan. •

Kedua, di sisi lain, saya pun merasa kebahagiaan, ketenangan, kebanggaan, kegemesan kalo M bisa skill baru. Usia balita itu ketrampilan baru tampak kecil-kecil tapi muncul satu demi satunya cepat.. jadi saking banyaknya nggak spesial lagi kaya ketika masih bayi. Ini menguji kami sebagai orang tua untuk kasih perhatian sedekat mungkin ke anak selagi bisa agar kita tidak terlewat jadi cheerleader saat pencapaian.

Ketika momen itu datang, hilang semua rasa khawatir atau envy sama anak orang lain yang udah bisa ini itu, padahal kita cuma tahu dari luarnya aja, bisa jadi ortu anak yang kita iriin itu juga punya kekhawatiran dalam bentuk beda.. rumput tetangga selalu lebih hijau kan?

➡️ Instead of comparing our kid to the others’ kid, cheer every awesome moment our kid made! Accidentally last week I wrote a rant with the last quite was matched to this situation last week about my son…… ❤️ Making lots of phrases!!! (more <something>, buy , play , let’s go, etc.) Alhamdulillah, way to go to make more sentences (so far he only says “Bye-bye, something” and “I want more”). Realizing that he’s not an advanced talker since he was 1.5 years sometimes worries me, but at the other sides, I’ve also made sure based on developmental guides that he’s actually not in speech delay. I just need to believe and keep patient.. and I feel that the most important thing is the way he communicates with others still progressed well. I also learned that the idiom “don’t compare yourself to others yet compare yourself to the person you were yesterday” should be applied in watching our kid. ❤️

Kebetulan yang lain, masih nyambung poin kedua, di email yang saya singgung di awal itu pun dijelaskan bahwa umur dua tahunan ini juga saat yang tepat untuk memberi tanggung jawab kecil ke anak agar percaya diri si anak meningkat. Misalnya, kalo doi berantakin cucian yang abis diangkat dari jemuran, dialihkan aja dengan minta doi untuk bantu melipat baju. Terus jangan lupa memuji kalo doi bisa mengeksekusi instruksi tertentu. ❤️ Fokus ke sikap semacam itu jauh lebih penting daripada cuma banding-bandingin 😜❤️ #selfreminder banget ini

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Being A Mom Be Like

Today is my third Mother’s Day (based on US/Japan calendar, in Indonesia: December 22). Since my only kid currently was born in Michigan, I follow the US version. Hehe. I had my first Mother’s Day at the third day people began recognizing me as “Mom”. The medical staffs who helped me giving birth in the hospital used that term. It was so magical for me!!! I was always a girl who had no interest to kids beforehand, even, a kind of person who preferred to stay away from those noisy, annoying, silly little creatures… ignoring all their cuteness and innocence. If my little sister loves to offer herself as a caregiver for our nephews or nieces in the family gathering, not so with me. If some friends of mine, in my perspective, know very well how to soothe a crying baby, to cope with toddler’s tantrum, or to deal with stubborn teenager when we’re on duty in the kids corner (yeah! although I’m not a kids lover still I was involved in this division for several events.. huh), I had no idea how to do it. If most of my female relatives of the same age is able to guess how old a kid is, I just didn’t get the difference between 1-year kid and 2-years kid. Bahaha 😆

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Musa’s Weaning Journey

Day 3 fully weaning #musaromas has ended and unbelievable he neither forced me to give milk nor cried at all today!!! Never in our days before he turned two years I had more than 24-hours without breastfeeding him unless (if any) he acted like crazy only for getting a little drops of breastmilk. Now am struggling to overcome the engorgement while hoping that the supply would decrease soon. #weaningwithlove (curcolan di bawah.. 😬)


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