See Narita Outside The Airport

What attractions can make you come to Narita city other than the needs for its airport? Not many. Even the nearest shopping center (Aeon Mall – if you need to buy more specific product rather than gift shops inside the airport) is still a few kilometres away from the airport. Narita was just a spacious farming area in the northern Chiba which then transformed into “city” after Japan’s main airport is built there. However, although there is a few attractions in the area, according to my little research, some places are very interesting for us such as:

and out of Narita City yet still within vicinity

By the way, what’s all this talk about Narita? Is it a recommended place to go? Hehe.. yeah, we never aimed to explore out of the airport too until one day in the last month, Aisar had to spend one night in a hotel at Narita city because he had morning flight to Germany for another business trip. It would be rushed to arrived at the airport if he took train in the Day-D. Of course, I and Musa got along him with pleasure 😀

Once Aisar flied, mom and son adventure begun! Unfortunately, we could only make to Aero Museum and Narita Shinsoji temple, plus bonus walking down the historical Omotesando shopping street. You can watch a glimpse of both places in my photos and videos below.
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Chesnut Mont Blanc

My son’s favorite song these days is “Ookina Kuri no Ki no Shita de” (Under the Big Chesnut Tree). He seemed bringing home a deep memory about this song since it was taught in jidokan (children hall) during the last month, which is like compulsory song for Japanese kids in the autumn. Haha. Meanwhile, in the Mom’s world, kuri (chestnut) itself started stealing my heart by showing up more often on Japanese patisserie, Japanese cooking programs, Japanese foodie accounts, etc. right after the summer season ends.. 🤤 Anddd as a nuts big fan, I can’t resist its charm that impulsively bought a basket of fresh chesnuts without idea how much effort I need to peel until I spent 1,5 hours just to separate the meats and the shells of (only) two dozens chesnuts 😑. Phew!

I read the recipe to make maron paste (マロンペースト) from scratch indeed, but it didn’t tell anything about peeling process, just boiling, and between the hectic moments in preparing dinner meal, I had no time to watch the video, so I kept going. After boiling in the covered pot for 20 minutes, I added a pinch of salt, boiled again for 5 minutes, drained the water, soaked the chesnuts in the cold water, then peeled it using small knife.

I think I’ll buy the ready-to-eat chesnuts next time. Thank you for the experience though! LOL

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