[Bento Musa + Mama] Fried Noodle and HB Eggs

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Happy lunch for JST zone! Today #bentomusa is paired with a lunch box for Mama. Papa has to take annual medical check-up and interview in the morning, so Mama dropped off Musa to school and stayed some places with free wifi and power to finish work on the laptop 😜 .

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First Week #Bento in 2016

Good morning! The first #recipega’s lunch boxes for 2016 🙂 Making #bento or #lunchbox every day is still challenging and not easy to be “istiqamah” (consistent), so I love taking pics of it as my inspiration and motivation in the other days 😀 My rule / excuse is cooking different menu for breakfast and #lunch, then think later for the dinner.. Hahaha. #bentotooffice #bentotowork #lunchboxtowork

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